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Samsung Galaxy Gear update rolling out to US models, improved notifications in tow

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Stop what you’re doing and look down at your wrist. If there’s a Samsung Galaxy Gear staring back at you, then you’ll want to fire up either the watch’s update functionality or Samsung’s Kies software on your computer. Samsung is now pushing out an update to Galaxy Gear units in the US that brings with it improved notifications for apps not made by Samsung itself. For example, a Gmail alert on the Gear will allow users to actually see the name of the sender and the body of the email.

The news gets even better from there. Samsung has blended a few other big improvements into this MK7 update. That includes improved range and connection, quicker S Voice search and better battery life, which is perhaps one of the best bullet points that a company can include in its update changelog.

This update is similar to the one that began rolling out to international Galaxy Gears last month. It’s nice to see that the new software has finally made its way to wrists in the US. With so many Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices receiving updates that add Galaxy Gear compatibility, anyone who decides to treat themselves to a Gear for the holidays will get to enjoy this update and its expanded notifications out of the box. As for those of you that already have a Gear, well, what are you still doing here? Go update!

Source: Android Central

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  • donger

    Who here has this watch? And how you like it?

    • Sean Riley

      I’ve been holding my review for this update as without it there was no reason to have the Gear. While I still think the Pebble is a better fit for most people the update brings the Gear back into the conversation at least.

    • Toni

      I have it and since the update I love it even more now than I did at launch!

      • cesar

        how did you epdate it to mk7. i brought mine on dec 13. do you know if it came updated already or if i have to update it myself. thanks.

  • jerrbomb

    My wife is teasing me with it.. Woot let me unwrap it until Christmas.. Lol

    • jerrbomb

      Won’t let*

  • Ronnie

    I have it. Its pretty cool just to have one and its not a bad device but this update that’s “supposed” to come out will definitely make this watch way more useful!

  • aryin

    looks elegant =) i wonder if there are more ways to make use of it

  • Beej

    Went to update and got a “The software update is not available. Maximum number of roll-out updates has beene xceeded. Try later or update your devise using Samsung Kies”. Of course, I can’t get onto Kies until later. This whole process waiting for the update in the US has been frustrating. Like the watch, hope I love it with the update, but the roll-out has been awful.

    • Joem925

      I’m having the same issue with the other update. How do I update my watch through kies?

    • Toni

      You will, they could stand to evolve how we respond to hangouts and chat on, seems you can only send text responses to text recipients but it’s better than having to go to the phone to respond to a text or using s voice although they are still options that you can choose. I’m sure they will expand that feature, but the update has made it more worthwhile.

  • Clarkie

    Finally, got the update done for my note2 last night, with AT&T! Time for long awaited watch !

  • Rene

    I had the MK7 update for a month now and for all you guys that do not have this update, it will make the galaxy gear a keeper. Not only gmail, you can get hangouts,what’s app,texts,paypal,… The list goes on and on. You can literally add a notification for any app you want.

  • AndroidFan

    I have been waiting for this update and when I finally got I see no difference other than improved battery life. I still can’t see my Hangouts or Gmail messages on my watch. I have seen posts from people that go the update in the UK and they have an advanced settings on their watch. Anyone else having this issue?