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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover available for $69.99


Phablets and wireless charging are two of the biggest topics in mobile today, and now Samsung has combined the two into a new accessory. The company recently added a Galaxy Note 3 Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover to its online store, giving owners of its newest phone/tablet hybrid an accessory that’ll protect their device while also adding functionality.

As its name suggests, this new Galaxy Note 3 is similar to the S-View Flip Cover that launched alongside the device itself earlier this year, but with wireless charging goodness built in. The front of the cover features a small window that allows users to check notifications, accept or reject calls, access the camera and more without opening the cover itself. Meanwhile, the back of the case replaces the Note 3′s stock battery cover and gives it the ability to charge wirelessly using any Qi-compatible charging pad.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 3 Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover (or GN3WCSVFC, as I like to call it) is available in both black and white, meaning that owners of black and white Note 3 models can choose a cover to match their phone or get the opposite hue to create a panda phablet. Pricing for both colors is set at $69.99. That may seem a tad high for a case, but considering that the GN3WCSVFC adds some protection to the front of the Note 3 as well as wireless charging on the rear, the $70 asking price doesn’t seem too shabby. Both colors can be found at the links below.

Via Samsung: Galaxy Note 3 Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover in black, white

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  • rr2009

    Nice accessory.

  • ahmad noer huda

    sip deh

  • Terrance

    I am really surprised it’s not magnetized. Kind of defeats the purpose the phone comes on when case open which is every time I put it down. It should play music from other sources as well.

    • Pazatat

      I’ll magnetize it for you for only 249.95 american. Knowwwhatimsayin?

    • Oflife

      I bought the Samsung branded non see through window or wireless charging based cover for the Note 3 for £40, it does have the magnetic on/off, and within 15 minutes I returned it to the store for a refund. Massive design flaw in that because the cover has no latch or magnet to keep it shut, it kept opening a bit, even in my pocket. And guess what? That turned the phone on, draining the battery and of course, lighting up the screen so I thought a notification had fired up.

      It looks like Samsung realised this in this new version, but why they don’t have a magnetic latch to keep the case closed I do not know.

      Anyway, way better than a case is the Samsung wireless back, with no flip cover, it’s on Amazon here in the UK for £30 in black or white.

      Cases make it harder to remove the phone from pocket and are somewhat pointless really if the phone is plastic and therefore scratch proof, unlike an iPhone 5 or HTC One.

  • Pazatat

    Oh snap. I would pay 229.95 for this if I neededed to. It is da bomb….ka boom. Buy it now and tell them Pazatat sent you (#34965a67). Thanks for making me rich. Up!

  • Biniam Haddis

    How wirless charging S-Flip cover work ?How much is the cost in ethiopian birr ?

  • donger

    Cool. Am I the only one that thinks that these types of covers are for females? Guys use bumpers/ cases.

  • grammarnazi

    Till* draft? of* I’m* don’t use “…” neighbors* truly* part time* they’re* laptop* they’re* friend* has* for* mortgage* they’re* you surprised me my spelling gorgeous and Mercedes right…

    Sorry that was bugging the shit out of me

  • Mark Ray

    I was thinking that Neo Hybrid is the best case for Galaxy Note 3 but I changed my mind when I came across Slim Armor S View, so beautiful and protective as well.

  • tteksystems

    This is what they call wireless charging but it is very misleading and pretty much useless. Wirelss charging means I can hold my device 10 feet away from the charging source. THAT is what will be worth buying. Not this stupid pad that you have to lay the phone on.

    I use a dual USB charger that has 2 settings. One to charge at a slower rate and the other gives me a rapid charge. I like these options and that cost less than $5.

    These ridiculous gimmicks are not helping much in my world. Wireless charging needs to be re-defined and explained because some people think they can walk in the other room with their cell phone and have it charging at the same time. They need to come up with the classification called “PAD CHARGERS” and stop trying to use the term “WIRELESS” because it’s a bunch a bull SH**! I am sick and tired of it to be honest.

    I agree with the guy who said the Spigen S-View case is the best around. It blows the Samsung away. Samsung knows how to make the internal components of the greatest electronic devicxes around. But they never can house them in anything worth a damn.

    The S3 first. Beautiful Phone with a cheap a*s piece of plastic to encase it. Oh then the S4. Don’t get me started. they call that an upgrade? Right now the S3 is the most popular phone in america and this is February 2014. The S4 , although a great phone, is a Disgrace because nothing about it makes it worth upgrading from an S3. Thanks to the Note 3, Samsung has a worthy phone but when I compare to other phones pon the exterior, Samsung phones really do not have alot to brag about.

    And now when looking at what they offer for cases, it’s no different. A bunch of cheap crap that is not as good as what 3rd party companies have for Samsung products. If you cannot house your own product with anything more competitive than a 3rd party company you should have just stayed home

    You know what? I have all phones since the cell phone era began. Every one of them is a Samsung. Ironic. I literally cannot stand them in some ways. But the technology under that cheap a*s piece of plastic housing is more advanced than just about anything out there. I would like to see a better offering from Samsung when it comes to cases because they really do not offer a very appealing housing for any of their phones. Aluminum would be nice

  • Big Fun Market

    Powermat wireless charger + Wireless charging receivers for Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, S4, S3 on sales at at USD36/set