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Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 passes through the FCC

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 FCC

Samsung’s tablets haven’t really been on our radar lately, purely because most of them have been for the budget market (not price wise, but spec wise). Sure, there were a few good ones (the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition comes to mind), but Samsung has released a lot of low end tablets. But it seems that Samsung has some big plans for 2014, with rumors flying around about the return of the AMOLED tablet.

The latest peek we have at Samsung’s 2014 lineup is the FCC filing for the Samsung SM-T320. The model number references a device with an 8.4-inch display, so it’s assumed that this is the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 we’ve heard about. Not much is known about this device, but with a name that contains the word Pro, we’re hoping it’s a good one.

We know that a lot of Samsung tablets have been nothing but underwhelming to consumers, especially those that are technologically inclined. So tell us, what would you like to see in Samsung’s next tablets? No physical buttons? An AMOLED display? A hydro-dynamic spatula? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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Source: FCC

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  • fendy


    • AmberMakitos

      my Aunty Isla got a new silver Audi S5 Coupe just by part time work from a macbook… have a peek at this site………

  • Vance

    For good or bad I’ve got it in my head that the next tablet for me will be a dual boot Windows/Android solution. It may be because I’ve just never got the use out of my previous Android tablets I’d hoped to when I bought them and I hope that the additional productivity of Windows will help me get my money’s worth. I’m waiting for ASUS to deliver their dual boot tablet next year!

  • donger

    So many galaxy devices.

  • rr2009

    So many sizes…

  • oflife

    I have a current Note 8 and Note 3, and here’s my take on the 8:

    1. Great screen
    2. Responsive
    3. Like iPad mini, almost perfect screen size
    4. Good organized build of TouchWhiz, better than my Note 3 and other Samsung devices for some reason!
    5. Ideal screen size for longer term movie viewing, making notes with stylus etc

    1. Bezel large
    2. Device is ugly
    3. Stylus not as well conceived or nice to hold as the Note 3 version

    So, ideally the Note 8 Pro will include the following:

    1. Note 3 form factor, IE, thin bezel, grippy back, reversible stylus
    2. High res display (Not that the current Note 8 suffers with it’s display)
    3. Wireless charging built in, like Nexus 4, 5 & 7

    I have yet to use the camera on a tablet, but I suppose adding a flash and improved sensor won’t harm!

    • oflife

      How could I forget, the MOST important thing would be for ALL future Notes to have on screen controls, IE, Back, Home, Menu. I hate the fixed position physical controls. Owned a Nexus 4 and other prior devices with on screen Android controls and they are way more convenient, ergonomic and of course, the device looks nicer.

      Samsung, jump to it!

    • Jon

      I have the Note 2 & Note 8.

      I don’t really like the screen on the Note 8 it is immediately noticeable that it isn’t AMOLED. Using the Note 8 isn’t a bad experience but I’m not a fan of touch wiz but that’s not an issue with Nova Launcher. I also don’t like the battery life it is lacking but I suspect that is due to the powerful internals and lack of AMOLED so the battery drains fast when the screen is on.

      Besides that the Note 8 is a nice device to have. I previously owned a Tab 8.9 I found that to be an ideal screen size. And the battery was actually better on the Tab 8.9. The new note 10.1 looks great but the price tag is keeping me away. But hey you always have to pay for the latest and greatest.

  • Arin M Jacobson


    I have been using a galaxy note 10.1,for over a year, the lag, the display, are hands down areas for upgrade, basically tell Samsung to make a new tablet with nexus 7 display and smoothness keep SD card but make it easier to swap appa toned card!