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Samsung may finally take build quality concerns seriously, metal bodies for Galaxy S5 incoming

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Samsung’s biggest issue, according to tech enthusiasts around the world, is the plastic it uses to build all of its devices. Many say that it feels cheap and slimy, lacking any sort of substance. Those claims definitely make sense, especially the slimy one. One the other hand, the plastic made for a durable and lightweight phone, which Samsung could very easily mass produce to satisfy crazy sales.

Samsung’s latest devices, including the Galaxy Note 3, feature a faux leather back. It’s plastic, but feels like leather and even has stitching around the edges. It may be tacky to some, but it greatly improves the build quality of the device to not have slimy plastic on the back. However, the latest trend started by HTC is metal, and it looks like Samsung is planning to adopt it.

According to a report by Taiwanese media, Samsung has found a supplier for the metal housings that the company will use for the upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone. This company, Catcher, will begin supplying a rumored 10 to 30 million housings this month. The rest will reportedly be supplied by BYD and Ju Teng.

This is all still rumor, but it looks like there is a good chance that Samsung will actually build their next flagship phone out of metal, at least to an extent. Now they just need to confirm optical image stabilization in the Galaxy S5′s camera. What do you think of Samsung switching to metal construction? Are you more likely to buy one of their phones, or do you like the plastic they use now? Leave your thoughts in a comment!

Source: SamMobile

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  • Steve Watkins

    I think I would be tempted by Samsung devices again because of this. Now if only they could revamp touchwizz…

  • kazahani

    Stop passing your opinion off as fact. I happen to like the glossy polycarbonate, which you so eloquently call “slimy”, and so do a lot of other people. I think my white s4 is a beautiful device.

    By the way, have you seen the way an iphone’s metal back scuffs up over time? It doesn’t look “premium” for very long.

    • kazahani

      Oh, and by the way, the faux leather is a complete joke. Glossy plastic is a no-no, but as long as they put stitches on it you’re ok? Give me a break.

      • Snuffleupagus

        I’m ok with it but the thread probably doesn’t look very good once the stitching comes loose or tears when it gets snagged.

      • monk

        The faux leather is not glossy. it’s mate with a coat of rubber over the plastic back ” like leather “. The stitching is tacky, but I prefer the Note 3 look and feel from the Note 2 any day. My Note 1 is still working fine and looks like new after 2 years, so I wouldn’t call it bad build quality

    • SGB101

      I have to semi agree here, metal phones don’t age well. I have the note 2, never actually liked the white plastic, but it ages well.

      The one x, I have looked superb at launch, imo better than the one, and it looks the same today as it did the day it was purchased.

      So metal no, but a better designed plastic would be nice, try the Nokia route, if they won’t let android on their device, copy the devices.

      • Guest

        Well see how people feel when they drop the phone and it cracks

        • SGB101

          Well the glass on any phone can break, but if the back of a Samsung breaks, it’s a few pound to replace, if it’s metal, it’s there to stay. I know which is prefer. Not sure what your getting at?

          • monk

            The plastic back is almost impossible to break (at least with the Note series). You may not like the looks, but the durability is great. My Note 1 resisted many drops without a single scratch

    • Carol Bream

      I don’t mind the plastic. It doesn’t feel slimy to me. But I have a mophie juice pack case anyway. Now I would really like it if Samsung would update Kies to maintain the syncing capability with Outlook Contacts and Calendar. It worked before they updated to Kies 3, which only syncs music and videos. Total waste. I got an email from them saying they were “so sorry” they changed Kies and are “working on” getting this back. We shall see. I’m kind of disgusted with them at this point. Anyway.

    • tetracycloide

      Generally I agree with you, plastic doesn’t mean cheap and metal doesn’t mean premium, but take it from someone that just replaced a two year old GSII: glossy polycarbonate doesn’t age all that well either.

    • Dima Aryeh

      I’m actually a fan of the older plastic. It occasionally got slimy (oils made it feel weird) but I enjoyed my time with the Note II more than any other device up until the Note 3. I’m a big supporter of polycarbonate because it’s extremely durable, unlike metal. Aluminum is soft, dents, and scratches easily. Don’t forget, I’m the resident Samsung fanboy of Android and Me. But even I can admit the Note II and S 4 feel a tad cheap due to the thin plastic.

      But yes, the grippy surface of the faux leather is a huge improvement because it adds grip.

  • PaulieG

    Yes I’d like to think the pedants of the world are outnumbered by those with good old fashioned common sense.

    I quite like the look and feel of my GS4. I dont understand how it being metal is suddenly going to make my world more awesome?

    Seriously this type of argument is better left to the stereotypical iPhone crowd where its all about your phone being a fashion statement..

  • mr. me

    my htc g2 had that metal cover on the back…over time it looked like crap….i like the way my galaxy s3 has aged and i have no problem with the smooth glossy plastic on the back. The design works for me and the phone looks good still after two years…im not looking at the back of the phone most of the time anyways….as long as they continue to improve the phone and its features its all good….but to me changing the back cover of it to a metal one is not gonna make the phone work any better

  • Dave Kratter

    I prefer the mostly glass body on the LG Optimus G.

  • Mike Fox

    I rarely take my Note 2 out of its protective case, so it really doesn’t make a difference to me.

    • SGB101

      I don’t do cases, I like to see the phone I own. Plus I find cases hinder my already bad typing.

      Only backfiring one time so far (touch wood), note 2 screen, cost about £7 to get replacement glass front, and about an hour to painstakingly pick off all the bits of glass, with a craft knife and paint stripper gun. #TwitchyBottomTime

  • tetracycloide

    Between the LG flex and the matte plastics in the Nexus 5 moving to metal seems like a step backwards.

  • Blanco

    The plastic on my galaxy S4 doesn’t bother me since I use a case and the phone is still super light. What bothers me is the physical home button.

    • hoggleboggle

      Actually I would prefer it if they made the Back and Menu button physical as well. One of the most annoying things with these touch based buttons is how easy they are to accidentally trigger. As for sticking these buttons on screen – even worse as it wastes screen area.

  • mkrmec

    I vote for a rubber case… And a flex display, movable parts inside so you can flex the phone to a certain degree.

    Anyway the same rubber that thise indestructible phones are made of.

    You wouldn’t have to worry about breaking the glass on the display or chip of corners of the device.

    I would love if it has a silk smooth touch like nexus 5.

    Thats the future and certainly not metal, cold to the touch, freezing in winter… Just annoying.

  • clocinnorcal

    Hey Samsung, why don’t you work on improving Twiz first?

  • E-man

    I wonder what they price hike on that will be?

  • Adrien C.

    I see the majority of people using cases(myself included) which cover the whole body, so I guess it’s irrelevant on a daily basis.
    Not only for Galaxy Sx’s but for iPhones, Nexus, etc..

    I’d prefer they’d drop the crapwiz for God’s sake.

  • Nazrae

    I happen to like the polycarbonate shell adopted by Nokia for their Lumia phones (except Lumia 925 and so forth) because of its durability, least expensive to manufacture and makes it affordable to buy. Plus, it makes the phone more sturdy than slimy. The only drawback of Lumia was the inability for us to change the battery DYI.

    The Galaxy models back cover do felt flimsy when detached. Unfortunately, that’s how plastic feels. Nuff said! I have no qualms on the Samsung build quality as long as the housing or shell of the phone can withstand impact for up to few feet or so.

    How often we see Galaxy Note 2 without those 3rd party cases i.e. Urban Armor Gear Navigator Case or OtterBox Defender Series Case or Seidio Surface Case etc.? Accidental drops are inevitable, so purchasing a rugged and impact-proof casing for sensitive gadgets is a must. No two or three phones are alike, especially from different manufacturers.

  • Fran

    I think that those smartphonenexu are overpriced. 599€ should be the max. price for high end smartphone.

  • Andres Garcia

    first plasticky, now a new word slimy, oh powerful god Apple…how hard is to be impartial?

  • Dane Little

    I would definitely buy the s5 if it was built from alloy aluminum.

  • GE918

    I’ve never purchased a cell phone based on the outer housing of the phone, but what was on the inside that made the difference. ijs

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