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Samsung working on first custom processor to be shown off at CES

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Samsung has been making its own processors for quite a while, and until recently, destroying the competition. I remember how blazing fast the first Exynos dual core processor was. But with Qualcomm stepping its game up, Samsung has some serious competition.

The Exynos processors are based on ARM architecture, while Qualcomm processors are based on a custom architecture. To compete, Samsung is now building a custom processor that will be fully compatible with the ARM instruction set, so it is not limited by the standard architecture but will work like any other processor. To add to that, it will be 64-bit. This processor will be called the Exynos S.

While there are no technical specifications for this unreleased processor, it will reportedly be 1.43 times faster than the Snapdragon 800. We’re not sure how this will compare to the Snapdragon 805 or newer processors, but hopefully it’ll bring Samsung back into the processor game stronger than ever. As long as the finished system-on-a-chip has LTE, I’m down for it.

We might see this new chip, along with the standard ARM-based Exynos 6 (also 64-bit), at CES this January. We’re excited to see what Samsung has to offer, as long as the chips suits modern needs like LTE. What do you think of Samsung making its own processor? Are you willing to switch to Exynos, or do you prefer Snapdragon? Leave a comment!

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  • kazahani

    Simply dropping a new processor into their current Exynos SOC won’t add LTE. Sammy will have to add LTE support to their SOC to really be a player in the North American market.

    Processors simply process information, they don’t support LTE. It’s the system-on-a-chip that had to have an LTE radio on it. Common misnomer.

    • Dima Aryeh

      You’re right, I absolutely wrote that wrong. What I meant to say was that I hope the chips will have LTE this time around, both the Exynos 6 and the Exynos S, whether it be on the SoC or a separate modem like older Exynos SoC’s had. I’ve done my research in this topic, silly of me to make that mistake. Let me go fix it.

      I’m just very tired of Samsung flipflopping on adding LTE to their Exynos-based devices.

  • Terrance

    This along with 4 gigs a ram and ultra hd screens screams of even more wow device a Note 4 with 5 inch folds out to a 10 inch tablet! Whatever you do Samsung stop copying Apple!

  • ISH3000

    Qualcomm’s Snapdragon does it for me! I know Samsung made the 64bit processor running inside the iphone 5 but Snapdragon takes the Cake any day. I ll be looking out for their newer lines in January!

  • Stanglifemike

    I’m honestly not sure if I want them to build a LTE compatible CPU, or not. The way it is now, with their current CPU’s not supporting LTE, those of us in America get the Snapdragon 800 in the Note 3. I’m glad of this because the State side Note 3, which the Snapdragon 800, outperforms the international Note 3, which uses Samsung’s own CPU. If Samsung builds a CPU that is either equal to or better than what Qualcomm is offering at that time, then it would be nice if all Note 4 devices (for example) used the same CPU. This would make custom Rom and Kernel development MUCH better, because all devs would be working with the same devices! The way it currently is, you have to find a Rom and/or Kernel based on your device’s CPU, which can limit your options. Not only that, but with all of the devs building for the same device, as opposed to two different devices, would allow them to help each other, share their work, and overall it would drastically improve the custom Android development!!

    • Eli Gaffke

      I had the exact same comment.

      Plus the OTA should be speed up with everything being in house.

  • redraider133

    I think this will be what many do going forward. Rather than just using a regular processor, they will fine tune a custom made processor to work with their devices better. To create a more unified product.

  • OnIn2

    1.43 times faster…What a strangely exact number

  • Praveen

    Why would apple, samsung and few others chase with the mobile CPU than the LTE? It’s not just the speed or cost savings alone that they see. Why did china mobile remain stubborn and cautious to let iPhone enter in to their business till a couple of weeks back and decided to admit them to a small segment alone? It’s not just the business, money or even the market domination that matters. It’s the CPU or in true sense, ‘ the policy’ that every end user adopts to when buying a device falling blind on the glory of its looks, speed, display, camera, features etc. This wouldn’t have been a game changer unless the personal privacy concerns that became a hot topic following the NSA snooping revelations recently. LTE part is just the modem, and it doesn’t store or process the contents of any data communicated, it’s the application processor that carries anr policies of someone

  • Hussain

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  • James Daniel

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  • soldier20

    Exynos for me,don’t need lte i use wifi only,when galaxy s2 in his time of glory was the best,beat every qualcome with adreno and now qualcome with snap 800 beats the exynos version.I hope exynos will bring someting good for us and with like to suport 4k but if not qualcome.I will chose the best performance

  • donger

    Hackers are ready.

  • ari-free

    I actually care more about the GPU…

  • Iwan Setiyadi

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