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Sony rolling Android 4.3 updates out to Xperia Z, ZL, ZR and Tablet Z


Hot on the heels of the Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra’s updates to Android 4.3, Sony announced today that it has begun rolling the freshest version of Jelly Bean out to even more of its Xperia handsets. The latest batch of update recipients includes the Xperia Z, the Xperia ZL, the Xperia ZR and the Xperia Tablet Z.

Just as with the Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra, the Android 4.3 update for this Xperia quartet includes Sony’s Smart Social Camera, which offers special camera apps like the ability to stream live video to Facebook as well as Timeshift Burst, an app that can snap 61 photos in 2 seconds. Also included with the updates are refreshed versions of all of Sony’s native apps, including Messaging, MyXperia, Small Apps and its WALKMAN, Album and Movies entertainment apps. The final app update is for the Battery STAMINA Mode, which has received an updated interface and more options for extending battery life.

Sony says that it’s also added its new Xperia Themes custom user interface experience with this batch of updates. The company isn’t saying much about Xperia Themes quite yet, only revealing that it’ll allow users to download UI packs through the Sony Select app, but it promises that more details will be released soon.

As with most over the air updates, Sony says that availability of the Android 4.3 bump for the Xperia Z and its friends will vary by location and carrier. Still, it’s good to know that the Android 4.3 rollout for these four devices is getting underway. It’s also worth noting that the Xperia Z, ZL, and Tablet Z have updates to Android 4.4 coming their way as well. There’s no word yet on when those updates are expected to arrive, but hey, at least owners of those devices are now receiving a bump up to Android 4.3 that ought to help make the wait for KitKat go by a little quicker.

Source: Sony

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  • ali sbaity

    you’ve annoinced earlier that xperia Sp will be recieving this update too
    where is it????

    • LarissaHardcastleecy

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  • Ken Masters

    Awesome :) Ive had the unofficial release for a few days and have to say.. its was actually worth the wait! Lots of new animations, the new themes, new camera UI, its a substantial update. GREAT job Sony.

  • Jayd

    If by “Freshest Version of Jellybean” you actually meant “The stale taste of an obsolete version” then carry on.

    It’s incredibly weird that Sony would do this and leave 4.4 – a major upgrade to this 4.3 release – in the doldrums.

  • Amiqul

    still waiting for my release in uk.
    got a sim free xperia z c6603.

    any idea when it releases in uk?

    • Shyam Mehta

      Try using Sony pc companion it works through that i just did it.

      • Ismail

        I’m using Xperia ZR so 4.3 available now India please reply anyone if anyone updated..

  • bjorn

    xperia z C6602 still waiting in the nederlands. Sony are very slow with the update

  • Level380

    Any news if you can now enable moving apps to SD card? The huge ROM and lack of internal space is a problem for some of us!

  • Pedro Pereira

    c6603 in Portugal. Not updated yet…

  • Luis

    In Latin America xperia zl in wait

  • Cuba

    Still waiting for my Xperia Z C6066 update

  • Simon

    Xperia ZL C6505 in canada

    Still waitting..

    • pam

      Im with rogers and i just got the 4.3 update today for zl

  • unknown

    Xperia z C6603 in Aus, not updated yet

  • Prefte

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  • Sannie

    Still waiting in shit for this so called update “South Africa”

    • CMTS

      Same here, Friend of mine with a Z1 that got the update, but my other friend with the Z and me with a Tablet Z didn’t get anything yet…..(South Africa slow as ever)

      • Wynand Marais

        I have the Tablet Z as well, still waiting for the update. opted for the unofficial release of 4.3 (803mb download) at 81 % I realised its the indian version. Now I’m opting to root the god damn device. Again my 321 version somehow can not be easily rooted. ffs Why the [email protected] is S.A always last on the fkn map with everything!

  • lloyd

    Here in KSA, still waiting with my xperia zl

  • Azar

    Still waiting with simless tablet z sgp321 :/

  • Mohankumar

    I/We are eagerly waiting to get the latest zl Experia as a free gift from your esteemed firm at the earliest.

  • Dzu

    Xperia z 4.3 …Received in India!! yaaaay!!

    • Kaustubh

      Hey I am from mumbai. But still dint receive it via ota and pc which region Do u stay?

      • dzuz

        PC companion…

    • Siddharth

      Hey bro can apps be transferred to sd card?

    • irshad

      How? And when?

    • varun

      did you got smart social camera

  • Hemant Kumar Sharma

    Eagerly waiting for update 4.3 for my ZR in delhi

  • Vignesh Jayabal

    Not released in India yet!

  • Chucho

    He aqi desde TOlucA Mexico
    Y ya por fin…estoy qedandome dormido
    8:21 am y nada de nada

  • sanvariya meena

    very nice yar .

    • Ramesh

      4.3 received ,Kerala india….

      • Ismail

        For which mobile?

  • paul

    Hey there,can you give me an estimated time for when we can expect android4.3 for xperia z in south africa.its the c6603.

  • bon

    Japanese xperia tablet z in USA still not updated

    • Boris

      same issue here. Did yours update yet?

      • Sam

        Same here. Why doesn’t Sony do anything?!?

  • Anup

    Xperia Z C6602 , n still waiting for the 4.3 update…Wtf sony is so slow in updates. Smasung and HTC are always ready with the updates as soon as google does for nexus devices..
    This way sony will not be able to climb up the smartphone ladder..
    Even though they make good smartphones.

    • nkw

      Yeah, I just tried pc companion, after I update my phone, it’s just like master reset and the android version still 4.2.2.

  • WellSony

    Cant restart tablet after upgrade.

  • donger

    Go Sony!


    12/25 23:05 hs Xperia Z C6603 in Argentina, not updated yet.
    Still waiting…

  • nerohero

    Still no update for the unlocked Z1 in the UK, ffs poor show Sony

  • updesh bhadoriya

    Xperia z Still waitng for its update in india..!:(

  • Sannie


  • Tolulope

    waiting for my Xperia ZR also in Nigeria

  • Sannie

    I don’t Fucken bother, wide open mouth talking shit about the damn update, Fucken Dick holes am pissed off, surely Sony should be hanged on their gonnads for publishing crapy.

  • broomie

    Am still waiting for the update in ZSA…I hope it’s worth the wait…!!!

  • chadas

    hey coming to u from South Africa…Xperia z, still waiting for the update it irratating that we have to wait for the update

  • joshp

    Wow. The Z feels good with the 4.3. Just rec’d the update in the UK

  • Ismail

    I’m using Xperia ZR so 4.3 available now India? please reply anyone if anyone updated..

    • dzuz

      Its already out!!!


    Isit out in South Africa? cant seem to update either Xperia Z or Tablet Z?

    • CMTS

      Yeah me to waiting CRAZY!

  • Yu Sheng

    Why my Xperia ZR until now also don’t have the upgrade android message? I also when to update software there at setting but still don’t have the upgrade android notification. Can anyone help me?

  • deonvs

    I got the 4.3 update on my z1 3 days ago, dont install it yet, I have to reboot my phone about 10 times a day now, is it possible to go back to 4.2? 4.2 was flawless on this phone, they even dropped the phone keypad away, only qwerty on 4.3, ant it is glitchy as hell

  • Hamish

    1. Phone crashes when using camera now, almost every time.
    2. Having to reboot my phone all the time, and now it won’t stay on, somtimes switches off for no reason
    3. Phone carrier dropping in and out

    Going back to 4.2.2 until issues resolved

    • Prakhu

      Facing same problem.. :(

    • sheriff

      How do i go back to the 4.2.2 version please???? Having the same problems….going back to the older version seems to be the best option…

    • Lopey

      Mine is doing the same thing. How did you fix this?

  • pam

    I just got 4.3 on my xperia z c6616 on bell canada today good job sony

  • jrw14gbr

    I was running 4.2 on an Xperia Z. All OK until it went away for a hardware fault repair.

    The repair guys upgraded to shiney new 4.3 but now it won’t read the back up file made under 4.2 so can’t restore anything – no apps, data, media

    Sony support useless. Anyone know of a workaround?

  • joknus

    Indonesia. I have 2 xperia z, but only one Can update 4.2 why??!

  • varun

    dude did you got Social Live Camera with the update…

    • Moin

      upgraded zr to 4.3 on the second day itself but there are few things that are missing from arlier version such as small app, touch block as well as social live camera which was claimed by the sony…anybody else in India can update about their status plz???

      • Prakhu

        My ZL crashes frequently.. Hung up in screen lock thrice a day.. Sad update from sony..

  • Mark

    Don’t be too hasty. I’m in Australia, got 4.3 on both my Xperia Z1 (a few days ago) and Tablet Z (this morning). No problems with the Z1, but Sony have really made a mess with the Tablet Z update. Lag, random restarts, apps crashing. Not at all happy.

  • Prakhu

    Got 4.3 fir my ZL in INDIA.4.3 UI is awesome. But very unstable. Phone auto reboot frequently,lock screen hangs up. No ISO setting in genuine camera app. Plzz wait for 4.4 do not update this update just for better UI.

  • Varun

    Thanks for providing nice article on Sony rolling Android 4.3 updates out to Xperia Z, ZL, ZR and Tablet Z. You can visit

  • Sannie

    Whooo sorry for this but sony South Africa you’re just as good as shit for nothing, coz right now we stuck with this 4.2.2 yet others are looking forward to 4.4 kit kat. I’m no more inerested in Sony fuck Sony S.A and fuck their devices.

  • Martin towers

    Since I had this update 4.3 my battery life is very very short I send 6 texts and it uses 63% of battery and also the phone gets very hot even when in standby please get this sorted sony as I really like my xperia z and would like to stay with Sony and not detect to samsung.
    Thank you.