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Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition comes with some serious bugs

Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition

The Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition has just been released, and already it seems to have some serious issues on its hands. Upon release, Google apparently left some serious bugs in the firmware the device shipped with, and now people cannot properly use their devices. This isn’t some lockscreen vulnerability that requires three hands and 50 button presses to pull off; it’s far more serious.

The first bug prohibits users from entering security settings. Going into Settings is fine, but tapping Security will result in a force close. This leaves you unable to set a lockscreen pin, among other things. For those working at a place that requires pins on Exchange-enabled phones, this could be a very serious issue.

Another bug is the inability to uninstall apps. For many when attempting to uninstall apps, the device will bug out, often resulting in a forced reboot. Any unneeded or battery draining app will just have to stay on your device indefinitely.

These bugs can be reproduced, though we aren’t sure how widespread they are. However, this being a Google Play edition device, Sony should be quite quick about getting a bug fix update out there. Until then, Z Ultra GPe users will unfortunately have to wait. Did you buy a Sony Z Ultra GPe, and do you experience these bugs? Leave a comment!

Source: +JR Raphael, Android Central
Via: Android Community

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  • EmagehtmaI

    That sucks. When buying a $700 device, I don’t think it’s too much to ask that the device works properly. I feel for day one users who got burned. This is another reason why I usually don’t adopt on day, but that’s still no excuse. These phones should work properly. Sony or Google – or both – definitely dropped the ball on this one.

  • docsparks

    if anyone at GOOGLE or SONY gave the slightest shit, this would have never happened.

    GPE or not, nothing changed.

    They will never read this comment, they will never give 2 shits.

    They got your money, concern is already gone.

    They give 0 fucks. Zero.

  • donger

    This sucks.

  • j

    I got the Sony z ultra and I’m experiencing horrible sound quality when talking on the phone. At first I thought it my hearing but then I listened to my wife old iPhone 5 and that almost year and a half old phone blew away my new xperia z ultra Google edition sound quality. All this screen and horsepower to have little sound. It’s like having a ford mustang gt that sounds like a Prius when it drives by. Really Sony ?