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Though HTC is still down on revenue, it’s ever so slowly improving


We all know that HTC is in a bit of trouble. The company used to be the king of Android back in the day, and now it’s struggling with finances and the recent departure of some staff. However, things seem to be getting better, even if the progress is incredibly slow.

HTC has released its financial details, and the numbers show that the company had $522 million in revenue, which is actually 3.2% higher than what it had in October. We’re glad to see some sort of improvement, even if it is tiny.

However, year over year, things aren’t looking so great. Compared to November of last year, HTC’s revenue is down 27.1%. That’s a big drop for a company that rose so quickly, though it’s obvious that HTC is trying very hard to get back to the top.

Are you a fan of HTC? Do you think they have a chance at getting back to where they were? Or does this seem like the final nail in the coffin (I had to!)? Tell us what you think and your hopes for the future of HTC!

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Source: @HTCUSA

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  • Pomacat

    I hope they can pull it off. Choice is always better to have.

  • Mark Williams

    HTC one was the best smartphone in 2013 by far (in my opinion).. so I seriously hope they can can pull it off, it would be such a shame if this amazingly innovative company fell by the way side… But you do have to ask yourself why all their staff are leaving? :-\

  • JozyMozy

    I love HTC, but am also a realist. I absolutely ADORE my HTC One, but when I picked it up, I wondered if it would be the company’s last great smartphone. I’m pulling for them- beautiful, distinct devices, an equally(for better or worse) distinct UI, and, as Pomacat above me said, choice is always better to have.

  • Vance

    I hope (and believe) they can pull off the comeback. Samsung has the marketing department and (more importantly), the marketing BUDGET, but I feel they lack the vision of HTC (don’t hate Samsung lovers, I own many Samsung products). I just feel like HTC utilizes the tools Google provides to innovate in a way no other mobile hardware manufacture can, or does. I’ve always said they are the best at making phones, but the worst at selling them. I hope this RDJ marketing blitz combined with (hopefully) a permanent brand to stand behind (One) will right their ship and allow more consumers to finally get a glimpse of what many of us have known about HTC all along. I can say I’ve had more people (friends family and total strangers) ask me “is that the HTC One? I want that phone so bad!” than I’ve ever had with any HTC device I’ve owned before. So I think they’re slow, but are finally figuring out that balance between R&D, branding, and marketing.

  • citycrazed25

    If we could get a HTC nexus I’m sure it would help the push.

  • X3r0

    I’ve had the worse htc one experience. Now , on the 5th repair, they decided to void my warranty because the upper ear piece and front camera lense has a few superficial scratches. I’d K like to see htc survive we need choice bur sadly I’m no longer going to be one that will gel them.

  • James C

    My HTC One was the only hardware that could pull me away from years of being an Apple fanboy…I love my One and have never looked back, I hope they can survive.

  • PaulieG

    I dont know why everything has to be so black and white. Its either they’re number 1 or its the final nail in the coffin? How do their mobile revenue numbers compare to Sony, LG or Motorola? I think constantly comparing them to Samsung is not a fair litmus test of how they are coping. Number 2 to Samsung is still perhaps nothing to be ashamed about.

  • Hom0ncruse

    final nail in the coffin for HTC

    • Dima Aryeh

      Welcome back!

  • shakir

    htc phones are expensive as compared to samsung .And htc lacks budget range of can come back to regain its position

  • Subx

    HTC will come back. Give them the opportunity at another Nexus and HTC will be on everyone’s tongue.
    They also need a tablet to help boost recognition.
    What annoys me is people have one bad experience with 1 product from HTC and they bag out HTC and say they will never get another HTC yet these morons have had multiple failures with iPhone , switch to HTC and then go back to iPhone only to give them another 10 chances! It does not make sense! What is so good about a crappy iPhone that makes them go back multiple times after switching? I have never ever had 1 issue with any 3 of my HTC phones I have owned! Not one! It shit’s me that person people think that their One problematic device sets the conclusion for the whole of a company. Just because you had a bad experience does not mean the company is shit abd so are all their other devices. Your probably talking 10 in a million phones manufactured! It’s the same with cars, computers, tv’s, bikes, DVD players,everything !

  • John Dough

    Honestly, I feel that HTC is an overall great company. As stated in the text above, they were at the top of the Android device game but seem to have fallen. I think that they’re devices are too.. plain. The Sense UI is getting a little old and people want to see something a tad bit different. I had grown bored of the second HTC phone i purchased simply because it was exactly like the previous one I had before, just different hardware. Maybe if HTC switched it up a little bit they could have in increase. Not that my comment is correct or explains exactly why HTC is falling. This is my opinion and we all know opinions vary.

    • honourbound68

      i hope they don’t give up on the tablet market that quickly again. my htc evo view 4g had very little development which is a shame because it was pretty darned good when it was released. thank goodnessto the few devs that did put out good roms bec i was able to use it up til this month when i replaced both GN and evo view with the note 3.

  • redraider133

    HTC is moving in the right direction and the HTC one/refined sense is a testament to that. Things can only go up for HTC and if they have another hit with the HTC one follow up, they should turn around quickly.

  • R

    I love htc’s design. I own few htcs back in the dopod days. But the quality is a let down. My htc one is having purplish tint even after repair. If you love htc like me, you’ll find xiaomi MI3 is better than htc & samsung combined.

  • joland

    Just fix the ‘purple tint issue’ and HTC will rule again.