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Update to Google Play Music allows storing on external SD

Google Play Music

In a surprising move, Google has updated its Play Music app to better support phones with external storage. As the manufacturer of Nexus devices with no external storage (and having spoken against it), it’s a bit of a surprise that Google would work to support it. Though, it does make sense to provide a useful feature to consumers.

If you store music on your device, you can now tell the app to store it on your external SD instead of your internal memory, freeing up space for games and other media that has to go on your internal memory. For those with a lot of music and games on their phones, this is an incredibly useful feature.

Google also added a new share menu, namely the standard one that is in every app. You can now share your music to anywhere you want. If you’re the kind of person to share their music with social networks, this could be useful.

If you want to use these new features, head to the Play Store or hit the source link to update the app. To select a different storage location, go Settings and press Storage location. Do you find external storage important? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Police

Source: Google Play: Google Play Music

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  • w9jds

    Nah, I have a Moto X Developer Edition. All Internal Storage. However, I love where Google Music is headed. I love All Access and I love using it on my Google Glass :)

  • Roq999

    This is great, I try and store as much music as I can on my phone and with the Note 3 I use an sd card for media like movies and music.

  • connor phares

    When does this update come out and if it’s out where can I get the link, or if there’s beta cabinet get it

    • Dima Aryeh

      The update is already out, I got it straight from the Play Store.

  • Bill A

    No update for me either

  • Jason T.

    No Joy for me. Not seeing an update available for Google Music.

  • pekosROB

    This is awesome. I downloaded the APK but haven’t tried it yet. I wondered when they were going to do that about a year and a half ago when I first go my S3. Glad they did this!!!

  • maury

    Awesome just updated my acct

  • David Merk

    Any quick way to transfer the 3 gigs of music that’s on my device storage to the sd? Or do I need to “un-Pin” the music and re-transfer to the SD? Thanks so much!

    • Isaac

      If you change your storage location in the settings, then back out of the app, a notification will appear letting you know your files are being moved.

      • David Merk

        Any quick way to transfer the 3 gigs of music that’s on my device storage to the sd? Or do I need to “un-Pin” the music and re-transfer to the SD? Thanks so much!

      • David Merk

        Thanks Isaac, I tried that, but didn’t work….I ended up doing a battery pull and when it powered back up, it began transferring the music.

  • Michael

    +1 for owning a Note 3 with SD card storage! Sorry all you HTC, LG and Moto owners! haha

    • Kal El

      Haha, well i’m a new HTC One Max owner and I have external ;) So, poo to your Note 3…hehe I miss my Galaxy Nexus ;(

  • kurkosdr

    Priorities… On one hand, Google doesn’t want devices to have external storage (aka have much local storage). On the other hand, Google Music not supporting external SDs was a major reason to keep to the music app the OEM provides, which means less users locked to the cloud.

  • boh

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  • boh

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  • José Luís Malaquias

    No joy for me on my Xperia Go. I have a 32Gb s.d.card, and still the option does not show in Settings

  • GE918

    YES! I’m so proud of Google at the moment. I’ve been wanting this for a long long time. Thanks Google for giving us this option.

  • matt s

    Only if your running KitKat 4.4…

  • donger

    This is great.

  • Shimmy

    It’s 2014 and this feature doesn’t exists, I wish it would!

    • Shimmy

      Oops, I guess it’s only on KitKat. Sucks!