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Verizon HTC One now receiving Android 4.3 update


After a long period of teasing with rumors, confirmation, and even a changelog, the update for the Verizon HTC One is finally here. This update brings the HTC One up to Android 4.3 and brings along a bunch of improvements, as well as a bit more bloatware (what did you expect from Verizon?).

Improvements range from adding ones own music to video highlights to a faster rate of charging from a Mophie Juicepack. There are also a bunch of bug fixes. If you want the full list, check out the official changelog released a little while ago.

To get this update, head to Settings > About > Software updates > Check now and hope you can download it! If not, give it a little while to roll out to you. Now we wait for Verizon to give is KitKat, right? Tell us if you got the update in the comments!

Source: HTC Source

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  • james clifton

    Update for HTC one max. How do I get it ?.

    • donger

      Root or wait for it.

  • HectorPA

    I got the update early yesterday ( Dec. 20 ). All I can say is BFD. I don’t see much different except that my battery life is reduced by a lot — I usually can get 2 days on a full charge with my HTC One; after this update, I was down to 30% battery in just 6 hours of mostly standby. I don’t use Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, or any of the other time-wasters. I text, make and receive actual voice calls ( ! ), and check a couple news feeds. We’ll see, but so far it’s a yawner.