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Verizon updating Galaxy S4 Mini to Android 4.3, Galaxy Gear support in tow


Samsung has moved on from updating its last few flagships to Android 4.3, like the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, and is now updating lower-end devices. The latest to be updated to Android 4.3 is the Verizon Galaxy S4 Mini, and surprisingly, the budget-oriented device is getting support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Other than Gear support, you won’t find much else changed. Verizon added some more bloatware apps, fixed a few bugs, improved 4G LTE connectivity and changed the name of a single feature. Despite the jump in Android version, it’s not a huge update. It goes to show how unimportant Android version is in some cases.

If you own one of these small devices, head to Settings > About phone to check for updates. You may just get it before everyone else. If you don’t get it, wait a while for the rollout to spread. And tell us, will you be getting a Galaxy Gear now that you can?

Via: Android Police

Source: Verizon Wireless

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  • Brent Murray

    That’s such bullshit verizon. Where’s Galaxy Note 2′s 4.3 update??! We’re still on 4.1…smh. Ridiculous!!! Big red strikes again…

    • donger

      Verizon is horrible with updates.

  • glynhvv730

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  • Dr Wynn

    You would think Verizon would have the decency to at a minimum, let the people that are waiting for the update, know what’s going on. I for one would have more respect for them if they came out and said something like, hey guys we are having problems getting it to work right and, we may be a few days away from knowing what’s going on with it. Something would be great. I don’t have a huge contract with them but you would think that they would like to keep even the small person with three phones happy or informed.

  • Drake

    Hopefully as more devices begin to support the Gear, more updates will become available to improve it

  • cashmore

    up with verizon

  • Betty

    Verizon. sick and tired of the bullshit! I have never been lied to as much and as often by anyone.
    should of had this update by know and now it’s looking like it isn’t going to happen again. It’s the second time my Note 2 will be bypassed for an update unless something happens in a day or 2 I will be done. at least let the customers know what’s going on with the the problems you may be havingoing.Instead leading them to believe the update may or may not happen.

  • sure….

    This is what I don’t get.. why not just let us know something. Even if your going to skip the update. Just tell us what to expect. Im a note 2 owner. Still on 4.1. I don’t pay 200 bucks a month for my family to have outdated equipment that you have to pay a penalty to upgrade.I would rather be lied to than told nothing.

  • saidur

    Very nice

    • saidur

      Very nice

  • ramu

    S4 mini my mobile update 4.3 jellybean please send sir

  • darshan

    when 4.3 is avllble for s4 mini?