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New Gmail update brings auto image load to mobile


In the  past, Gmail would ask you if you wanted to see images, and would allow you to automatically show them from specific people. This was done for security, as loading images from other servers was potentially dangerous. However, Gmail behavior has been changed entirely, and you’ll start to see it in the new Gmail update coming out for Android.

This behavior has been present in the desktop version of Gmail for about a month now, and it’s finally coming to mobile, as promised early 2014.

The new version of Gmail for Android is 4.7.2 is here and with it, automatic images in emails. It’s no longer a danger because emails sent to Gmail accounts will now have their photos rehosted on Google’s servers and scanned for malware. This means the images you’re seeing are coming from Google instead of random sources. Of course, if you prefer not seeing images automatically, you still have that option.

If you want to update your Gmail app, hit the widget below or head to the Play Store on your Android device! The rollout might take a while, but surprisingly, I already got the update. Do you like to see images immediately, or would you rather have them hidden by default?


Via: Android Police

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  • Guillermo Antunez

    Awesome thanks for sharing the link… This new feature is really good

  • Cameron

    What about the marketing aspect of it? If you didn’t download images, a marketing email sender wouldn’t get the notification you downloaded so didn’t read it, according to their stats. I guess that’s not the case and all emails are considered read?

  • Bob Smith

    This is bad for spam, since loading images is how spammers find out your email address is good.

    As Cameron notes, marketing will get bad stats out of this.

    • thel0nerang3r

      Only would matter to spammers if the email was legit and the embedded image was from the spammer. If you send an email to a non-existent account, you get a “recipient doesn’t exist.”

  • RajatAlmast

    Jai mast di

  • topsewar

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  • topsewar sahu

    My name is topsewar sahu i liva in india

  • Stoxystocks

    I think this is a good idea because on older g-mail versions some emails wouldnt show the button to show the images so some emails that were largely image based could not be read

  • ayache

    that’s nice i want have in my phonne some applications on android

  • donger

    So happy to see this.