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Hands on with the NVIDIA Tegra K1

nvidia-tegra-k1 (2)

The new 192 core Tegra K1 processor is bringing desktop computing power to mobile devices. And, in doing so, solves a serious problem game developers are facing. Modern games are cinematic, but mobile devices currently don’t have enough power to reproduce what the developers envision. Developers have the option of reducing production value or delivering a less immersive experience on mobile. With Nvidia TEGRA K1, that issue will no longer be stand.

Epic Games will be porting their Unreal Engine 4 to the Tegra K1 – essentially giving K1 powered devices the same graphical capabilities as an Xbox 360 or PS3 or three times the performance as the A7 chip used in the iPad.

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After Nvidia’s announcement, we had to opportunity to see what the NVIDA Tegra K1 has to offer in person. NVIDA showed off a half dozen demos, highlighting the chip’s raw graphical computational power. The visuals and immersive 3D scenes the NVIDA Tegra K1 can produce are on par with what you’d expect from a last generation gaming console.

For now, NVIDIA is not sharing when the Tegra K1 will be featured in commercial products. We’re assuming the Lenovo ThinkVision 28 with its “latest NVIDIA Tegra processor” may be one of the first Tegra K1 powered devices to hit the market in early July, but all we got from NVIDIA was the standard “no comment.” Hopefully the company can convince a few OEMs to use the Tegra K1 in upcoming phones and tablets. We’d love have console quality gaming titles at our fingertips at all times.

Nvidia Tegra K1 hands-on demo

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  • yesman

    So xbox 360 = desktop pc, lol.

  • uknowme

    Have to say that’s pretty impressive.

  • redraider133

    I hope this time it actually makes it into more devices. Tegra 4 has been in barely any devices outside of the Shield and a few other tablets, but nothing to major. These are some impressive numbers and I can imagine would be great for tablets and to handle the graphic intensive games that other chips seem to struggle with.

    • Monsieur Africain

      No need for Tegra 4 when Snapdragon 800 is relatively on the same level if not outperforming the tegra 4 in GPU bouts.

      • kivo

        Not really. The Tegra 4 outperformed the S800 more often than not. It mostly had supply issues until recently, however, which made it non-beneficial to use in actual devices.

  • thel0nerang3r

    I find it odd that there is so much “faster then Apple chips” comparisons.. it’s a mute. You are never getting this chip in an Apple device, and you are never get he A7 on an Android device.. so, the comparison is baseless.

    • masterpfa

      Because these chips are featured in competing tablets there will be comparisons just in the same way people will always want to compare, for example a sports coupe from Audi and BMW, you will never get a commercially available BMW coupe with an Audi engine, but the comparisons will continue.
      Baseless they may be but as they are competing for the same buying public, expected

  • donger