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Sony Xperia Z1S hands-on video and pictures


With the launch of the Sony Xperia Z1S, T-Mobile is trying to prove that it can go head-to-head with AT&T and Verizon by offering its own exclusive Android devices. The Sony Xperia Z1S comes equipped with a 5-inch 1080p display, quad-core 2.2GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 20.7 MP camera, 3,000mAh battery, NFC, up to 32GB of storage and a microSD card slot all wrapped up in a water proof glass and aluminum body with anĀ IP58 rating.

The device itself has a premium feel with glass on the front and back. Unfortunately, all the glass means your phone will constantly be plastered in fingerprints. Like the Xperia Z1 Compact and the original Z1, the Xperia Z1S is blazing fast. I did not have the opportunity to install any benchmark applications to see how its scores stack up against the competition, but the phone was buttery smooth when switching between graphic heavy 3D games, capturing and playing back HD video and general navigation of Sony’s UI. The one disappointing aspect of the phone is the number of pre-installed apps. I counted five T-Mobile specific apps and another 10 non-standard Android apps.

The Sony Xperia Z1S isn’t going to win any prizes for design or performance, but it will be one of the most feature rich Android smartphones to launch on T-Mobile in a long while.

sony-xperia-z1s (1) sony-xperia-z1s (2) sony-xperia-z1s (3) sony-xperia-z1s (4) sony-xperia-z1s (5)

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  • www.phonewbie.com

    I wanted this phone soooo bad, but it took too long to come out. Love my nexus 5 tho.

  • mav3rick

    SONY has gone d0000ooooo00000wn over the years…Sad, but true ;(

    • Howard Messias

      Had a Z for the last 6 months, a beauty upgraded to 4.2.2 and last week to 4.3, no issues unlike my old Sensation, smooth super fast great screen clarity even through the fingerprints and yes it has been dropped twice with no problems.

  • TruFactz

    Waterproof factor, awesome. Ill take it. Will see when it reaches T-MOBILE

  • Robairto

    Oh yeah, give me an extra row of mismatched buttons to take up screen space and mess up the continuity of the look. And still a gigantic bezels. When will these numbskulls learn. “Wave Launcher”, “Pie Controls” Google it.

  • donger

    T-Mobile exclusive.