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3G and LTE versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 getting KitKat in more regions

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung has been pushing updates in a speedy manner recently, especially considering how many modifications must be made to AOSP to create the infamous TouchWiz UI. Because we shouldn’t beat around the bush, TouchWiz is huge and bloated and requires a lot of work. Updates are coming fast, though, and now a few more regions are getting the Galaxy Note 3′s KitKat update.

So which lucky locales are receiving the update? They include India, South Korea and Switzerland. Meanwhile, the manual update is available in Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and Slovenia, but  the over the air update is not. These updates are hitting both the 3G Exynos and LTE Snapdragon versions of the Note 3.

If you’re in one of these countries and own a Note 3, you can either wait for an OTA update to come to you or you can head to Settings > General > About device > Software update to check for it manually. Another option is to manually update using a computer and a downloaded firmware, though that process is a bit more advanced.

We wonder if this update has the same “feature” that disables third party cases from activating smart features like S View. In some regions, third-party Note 3 cases stopped working after the KitKat update, leaving only official Samsung cases with an ID chip usable. Hopefully Samsung has removed that crappy “feature” in all current and future updates, but we’ll see when reports start coming in. In the mean time, those of us in the U.S. will wait patiently while carriers take forever to approve our updates.

Via: Android Police

Source: SamMobile

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  • Darren Lo

    It’s odd.Im in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and, I just got my Kitkat 4.4 update yesterday 24/1/13 on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. My gf is using the same phone and staying here as well. We are both on the same phone carrier however, she has yet to get her Kitkat update. How wierd is that?

  • Hamza

    I’m in Pakistan just purchased a note 3. Wondering if it it set current location that matters or where Samsung had originally intended to sell my device? I purchased from a local retailer but they probably imported from Europe. Any idea?

  • ricardo c. echaore

    Im here in saudi arabia but kitkat 4.4 upgrade is not here yet.

  • george

    Hi. I am from czech rep and still nothing. Can i look forward to have a kitkat? Is it better than jb?

  • Rasta Silver

    This is great news

  • hamad

    I m from Pakistan. I flashed kit kat by odin few days ago. . its working flawlessly.. pretty fast

    • waleed

      Bro ap ne koun sa firmware download kia ? Me saudia me hu and pak ksa bahrain uae k same hain and hamein abhi tak official update nai aai me ye confirm karna chah raha k agar me sammobile se manully update karu to koi masla to nai ho ga plz tell me bro :)

    • aqib saeed

      Hi brother ap na kn sa firmware download plzzz mujhay bi btao mein ksa mein hn aur idr abi tk update nai ai .email me thanks

  • siju

    20140119-Successfully managed to persuade a canadian in my office to ditch his plan of buying note3 and he bought iphones for him and his wife. See my horror story.
    If your are planning to buy a new Samsung phone, please read.
    Just give a warning to people tempted to buy android. Other phones dont have this kind of Automatic Network Lock.
    If you Buy the Flagship Android Phone Samsung NoteIII and insert a sim card, You will be automatically locked to that network. It locks the phone without any warning. You will realise this lock only when you try to insert another sim card. I bought this phone and travelled to another country . I tried to use another sim card and the phone will not allow. I am forced to pay roaming fees.
    Dear Samsung,
    I purchased this phone Samsung Note 3 4G from Danube Hypermarket in Riyad. I was thinking I could use this when I go on vacation. I spent 3 days to fully customise all the settings and loaded all my data onto this phone including Google authenticator. After reaching India, I inserted my new SIM in India hoping I could enjoy the vacation with my note3, but to my surprise It is asking for SIM Network Unlock pin. I paid the full amount in cash hoping the phone is not locked to a provider and I can use any SIM or Network As I Like. SIM or Network Lock was not mentioned anywhere on the package. A quick google search revealed that you will be tied to the Network of the First SIM card you insert till you change your phone. Some people in US managed to unlock it with help of their network provider. Frustrated, I gave this phone to Samsung authorized service center at kattappana, KERALA, INDIA. They demanded 2500 rupees to unlock. Since it is very important, I agreed to it. They reset my phone to factory settings. and tried many things. Even after wasting my full day and losing all my settings and data, they could not unlock it. So even after spending 2199 riyals, this thing is essentially a paper weight. I never expected a Microsoft like attitude from you. Please fire that cr*p head who advised you to install such a lock on the Phone.
    The Samsung India online customer care is also c*ap. They are saying it is a 4G phone and India’s 3G network is not compatible. When they escalated the issue to the next level, they are saying they cannot help me because this phone is not made in india. Its Hardware and software are from some alien country so they cannot fix it.
    I will not again repeat this mistake of buying a samsung phone. but
    please send me the network unlock pin for this one .
    The imie number is 357507055241973
    The Sim currently working is 00966509337689 prepaid SIM from Saudi telecom company (STC)
    I am trying to use Airtel Prepaid SIM 00919995398720 from Airtel India.
    See the reply from Samsung
    In response to your query regarding “Warranty Issue” Samsung note (4G), we would like to inform you that Samsung India does not provides the warranty for the warranty for out of India Products.

    However, as per the mentioned query regarding “Country Lock” in your Samsung mobile model GT-P9005, we would like to inform you that every country has different power technology. India worked on AC power technology as per hardware manufacture”
    What a Bxxl Sh*t

    • Mohammed Ahmed Kamal

      After inserting India Sim it didnt work , then did you try putting the saudi sim card again , did it work?

    • Saad

      About this issue .. thats tottaly wrong I used my Note 3 in 4 Different countries in a month and it was working with no problems at all

      Check your settings on the mobile it self … you might missed something up

    • Aftab Akbar

      Dear this is the case, the note 3 is locked to the region. but once you have to use the local sim like saudi sim for your case and you have to use it for one week or two then an update will come and will permanently unlock the phone. this happened to my friend from india and he is using it flawlessly.

  • Deepak Dulal

    I am from nepal. When we get the update for note 3 and tab 3

  • Khan Avez

    I have updated my note 3 to 4.4.2 Butafter updating …my phone has started lagging…Please lemme know the reason! Urgent!

  • donger

    Kitkat is a good treat.

  • zak

    This is absurd. No kit Kat update for Note 3 as yet in Pakistan.

    It is the responsibility of Samsung to ensure that it has the infrastructure to facilitate all its customers equally. Don’t know when will the update come to Pakistan.
    Would appreciate if any feedback on behalf of Samsung is received though this is not a Samsung website.

    • ekymz

      I bought the note 3 from saudi, activate it with my stc Sim and worked. Region locked as well, but now, it is unlocked. Just did a 5 to ten minutes call via call app, insert a Sim from other country, then it worked well. And for updates there is still no news as to when kit kat update will reach middle east countries. Just be patient. Or better yet, flash it through odin. Goodluck…😊

  • Rip

    glad to hear such backwaters as Bulgaria and Upper Slobovia are getting the update. Wonder when the 1st world will be included?

  • carplaz

    hi guys, i need help. i bought note 3 from korea (original) but in didn’t work in LTE. what i mean ii, i went in an area with LTE signal but my note 3 still giving 3G signal only. pls help what’s the problem of my unit. ty