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Alleged Samsung Galaxy S5 spec details emerge

Samsung galaxy s 4 design generic

The Samsung leaks continue! Following the emergence of Android 4.4.2 test updates for both the Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy Note 3 this past weekend, a new report has surfaced that claims to have some spec details on Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S5.

The folks at SamMobile claim to have been told by their “insider” that the Galaxy S5 will come to market with a 2560×1440 display that could measure in at around 5.25 inches in size. Around back, the Galaxy S5 will reportedly feature a 16-megapixel camera, and the inside of the unit is expected to house either an Exynos 6 processor or Snapdragon 805 depending on whether or not 4G LTE support is present. Android 4.4 KitKat is expected to be the Galaxy S5′s dessert of choice.

All of those features will allegedly be crammed into a body that will be offered in two different versions: One metal and one plastic. Yes, Samsung has caught quite a bit flak for its plastic-y smartphone bodies in the past, but today’s report claims that the company will finally respond to those critiques by offering a version of its Galaxy S5 with a metal body. That unit will reportedly come to market with a price tag around 800 Euros ($1092 USD), while the plastic version is expected to come in at around 650 Euros ($887 USD).

Obviously nothing is official until Samsung makes it so, but many of these leaked spec details seem like pretty logical upgrades from the Galaxy S 4. A super high-res 2560×1440 display sounds like one of the device’s craziest features, but we were already starting to hear about new Android phones with similar displays toward the end of 2013, and you can bet that Samsung is planning to go all out for its 2014 flagship. As for when we might see the Galaxy S5 debut? A Samsung exec recently teased that the device will be introduced around March or April.

In addition to providing us with a possible list of the Galaxy S5′s specs, today’s report claims that Samsung is also working on follow-ups to the Galaxy S4 zoom and Galaxy S4 mini. The former is expected to hit in May while the latter will come in June, both with Android 4.4 in tow. The Galaxy S5 zoom will reportedly include a 4.8-inch qHD display as well.

Source: SamMobile

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  • BlazeHN

    Blah, so boring, more MP on camera and more unnecesary extra resolution on screen (more power needed and also 720p is the optimal for such small screens). Hope we get something really “new”.

    • allie

      agreed, im waiting for the new iphone 6 instead

      kisses, allie

      • John

        If the Galaxy S5 had an Apple logo would you buy it instead of the iPhone 6?

      • kgirl

        IPhone is nothing compared to android. Android can do so much more.

      • Jeremy Shankman

        People really still troll and make these comments? wow.

  • Jules

    For me only interesting Samsung devices are Google Play editions without their own terrible raped version of Android and overbloat. And never Exynos with closed source which makes good functioning alternative roms practicly impossible.

    • inverse137

      You’re also the type of person that says things like, “(insert band name here) was so much better before they hit it big and sold out.”

      I was using pure and roid on an S3 for over a month. Then I went back to a Samsung stock ROM. There was no comparison. The stock ROM worked better, was easier to use and had more features.

  • Mikes_phone_and_tab

    I hope the 5.25 inch screen comes from an even smaller bezel and not a larger footprint. Higher resolution is always great, if it didn’t have a better camera or higher resolution I’d be surprised. Most important things to me is battery life and the software. I hope for a more refined TW or even that new Magazine UX. Also, hope the software isn’t as heavy on storage.

    • chomam

      Great comment
      I hope samsung will optimise software that occupy only 50% of ram …not like my note 3 that use around 2gb of ram

  • SGB101

    800euro, to expensive these days

  • YNWA

    Hmm.. Seems like an interesting article, but I can’t decide until I hear what Richard Yarrell has to say!

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Slap on a huge battery and include microSD and I’m sold. I don’t need an iris scanner, but the ridiculous HD screen would be sweet.

  • surethom

    I no longer care about Samsung phones anymore there flagship are over sized and there so called mini version is a low spec version. Roll on HTC, Sony and Motorolas flagship phones this year.

  • andrineiki


  • imrul islam

    i see youtube galax s5 new design picture ass htc & ipnone 5s more good.its design be galaxy s5 so beatr.world in number 1st design.that picture not has galaY s5 info .com.now wants iphone more beutiful design.

  • Oscar Rodriguez

    Noo i want the metal version with all highspecs and they better put a good battery on it ohh and that qHD cant wait to use that around iphones users lol

  • monterrio

    I think live will be easier with the new Samsung Galaxy S5

  • RoyalJoker

    With a price like that I’ll just smile with my nexus 5 and smile again knowing although I have to wait, specs wise the nexus 6 will be better and cheaper as always

  • Chunky Chaz

    I have been waiting for the new samsung s5 to be available and as I was looking at the information on this product it looks great. But to put 200 dollars extra on the metal version is a bit excessive.

    Yes I know metal costs more but to say 200 dollars is way over the top.

    Just cannot justify that amount of increase on a phone that has a metal body so come on samsung be a bit more realistic please.

    • Harsha Vardhan Y

      yes ,i agree with u , iam also waiting for s5 but i want to by a plastic varient because we use always case ,so i dont have much difference between plastic or metal

    • Paul

      No one has complained about the very high over the top price of an iphone since 2007 with metal, why does samsung. Considering all the electronics of an iphone is made by all the top phone companys of asia. Also the s5 if made of metal will still be cheaper than an iphone 5s, it will also have a retina melting screen and with 3gb of ram on top. I know where my money is going S5

    • John Brennan

      I agree, 200 is much too much to have it mean, anyway what’s the big deal, i own a gs3 with the plastic back and it’s never been a big deal, it’s what’s under the hood that count,some people prefer looks over quality, who gives a shit what back it has as long as it performs.

  • Tc

    Yes! Finally a metal s5 and super hd screen

  • bijaya

    I want to know that s5 also contain tv controller like s4 or not if someone know reply me please and the s5 must contain the design by hasan mayak

    • jake

      Because it is much better to wear out your power buttons changing your channel with your phone than it is to use the free remote you get with your tv service? The remote they will replace for free if it breaks, which they always do eventually? Yeah, I’ll use the free disposable remote over my $700 device I rely on for so many things.

      • jake

        Except for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus; that phone was a piece of crap.

  • Bkgdan

    150€ more for a piece of metal?? Has samsung lost their mind???

  • johnnygood

    Samsung always overhypes and underdelivers with their galaxy phone. This year is no different

    • John Brennan

      Sorry mate u are wrong, they don’t under performs, the gs3 was a powerhouse, best phone of 2012,and still using it.

      • jake

        GS3 is the best smartphone ever made. It’s specs still match up against flagships from over a year later, like the Moto X and Motorola Droid Ultra series. Because Samsung always gives you more than other companies(more ram, more screen, more storage, more battery options), their phones tend to age very well.

  • John Brennan

    Here’s an idea, why don’t the people who want a metal frame pay the extra 200 and then cover it with a care, the rest of us will piss ourselfs laughing.

  • jake

    Those prices are all out-of-wack. Over $1000 for the smartphone? NO WAY will it cost that much. Or is the plastic version supposed to be the standard $700-ish we have come to expect. And I agree with the screen resolution: ENOUGH ALREADY! My Galaxy S3 has a screen that is great and I’d rather save on the battery usage than get those extra pixels I don’t need/care about.

  • donger

    Pretty expensive.

  • Guido

    $800 maximum price for Samsung Galaxy S5, and even that is too much. I hope to see it at like $600.