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AT&T released HTC One X+ Android 4.2.2, Sense 5 update


Following the announcement that AT&T had completed technical acceptance testing for the HTC One X+’s Android 4.2.2 software build, the update is now being pushed to handset owners across the country. Android 4.2.2 may not be the latest and greatest version of Android, but HTC’s update for the One X+ is accompanied by Sense 5 and quite a few new features.

Once the Android 4.2.2 update is installed on the HTC One X+, users will be treated to new user interface, gallery, video highlights, BlinkFeed and much more. Due to hardware limitations, the HTC One X+ update does not include HTC Zoe, a feature that captures images and video at the same time.

AT&T is pushing out the Android 4.2.2 update to the HTC One X+ in waves, but you can always try pinging the update servers manually by going to Settings > AT&T software update > Check for updates > OK. 

Once you get acquainted with the update and HTC Sense 5, let us know what new features you enjoy the most.

Via: HTC Source

Source: HTC

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  • thel0nerang3r

    I’m confused now, I thought it was the same hardware as the EVO LTE, minus SD card.. and the rumor was the the EVO LTE is getting 4.3… so,the EVO LTE is not getting 4.3?

  • donger

    Late to the party.

  • Sakatoki91

    Man, I unrooted my phone wishing that I’ll get the update, but nah, nothing yet. It’s either rolling out slowly or I’m just unlucky. I have a feeling that I’ll restore the whole as it was, a custom rom with a 4.1 android -_-

  • venkatesh

    Rate pix

  • 7star

    So when will the 4.2 get to the HTC one X?

  • creolechris

    I did the update it went through the the whole process and when it was done it still saying 4.1 and sense 4+

    • motox032

      Mine is doing the same thing. If you find out how to correct this issue reply back. I haven’t figured it out yet.

    • Damnitalready

      Same issue, just updated. Such a tease, at&t.

    • Meao

      Mine did the same thing. To force it, turn on mobile data and go to settings, att software update, check for updates. It will bring up a download of around 550mb. Then it will install and adjust apps to run with it.

      • bones

        I tried that and it said my phone was up to date yet I’m still on 4.1.1

        • Shifty

          Same here whats the deal?????

          • Smitty

            Yep, Same S*** for me. Tried this three different times and each time it still says I am on 4.1.1 and 4+ I love AT&T so much I can barely stand it.

    • zebschutte

      There is suppose to be two updates. A 14 mb update which doesn’t do crap. And then you get another one later on that is I do believe a 538 mb update. You just gotta wait for the next

  • gmo

    How long did the update take? I’m updating now and its been about 45 min and its still in the screen with the green arrows on it.

    • gmo

      Well that was stupid! Took about 2 hours to update. And just like you guys im still on 4.1.1. Waist of time. Thanks AT&T. Im going to email them right now.

      • Kyle Chittenden

        Hey I found a fix for the updated, but not updated problem. Go to settings, time & date, and move it forward manually one day. Then go back to the check for software update button and try again. It should work this time.

        • Shifty

          Doesn’t work but thanks for the try

  • Porfirio

    mine did the same thing i got the update but it manually went back to the old 4.1.1 and sense 4…i just went to settings and put the day fwd and checked for an update with my wifi off and it finally worked! good luck everyone and i hope it helps!

  • El_Gringo

    I thought the same thing with my AT&T HTC one X+, first you need to do the 13.1MB upgrade, then wait 24 hours (or change the date manually, Fwd date by one full day) then retry the standard update, my new firmware was something like 520MB,, the flash tool about 45 minutes total from start to finish.

    I am however experiencing real short battery life, the 4.2.2 and Sence 5.0 is killing my battery in no time, something like full to empty in six hours, I also hate the look of both the message screen and the phone dial keypad, it just looks cluttered and, well like sh*t…..not real happy so far, still not sure about the “blink feed”.

    • Annette Morey

      Guys, I did the update last night. I hate how my phone looks. The ringtones, the message keypad,the response time and the way it works…i wish theres a way to go back! Anyone?

  • Desh

    I have a unlocked ATT HTC One X. From where I can get the latest ROM updates ?

    the latest they have is 4.1 http://www.htc.com/us/support/htc-one-x-att/news/

  • Jon Sheridan

    Mine updated just fine everything works great sucks to be all of you guys

    • chris pinhiero

      Do you have the htc one x or the one x+?

  • chris pinhiero

    When is the 4.2.2 update coming to the htc one x att in the US?????

  • cat ellen

    This upgrade has caused HUGE problems. Google+ app hangs, freezes. HTC sense layers causing other issues. Leaving this phone ASAP.

    • Annette Morey

      I’m with you. I HATE MY PHONE NOW!!!! Why they had to make this change!.
      The keypad is more difficult to use. Sometimes the screen is unresponsive. The ringtones are awful. And those are the things Ive used so far….

  • Stephe J

    Got the update yesterday about 30 hours ago. There’s nothing wrong with the update on my end. standby has gotten considerably better. However, when using the phone it drains faster. Looks great and no lag anywhere. If it hasn’t come your way, just keep checking for it. Seriously, you people wait so long for something but go crazy when you have to wait another week.

  • chris

    Can someone answer my question please?? When in the HTC one x 4.2.2 update coming out in the U.S.????? Please answer

    • Chris u

      Already out

  • Chris u

    Upgrade worked fine on second try.
    HTC ONE X+


    My battery lasted all day with heavy use before the update. Now I get approximately half the battery performance. BIG ISSUE!

    Minor issue but some useful controls are missing, like the ability to decide which web browser app will open new shortcuts. This setting was a customization allowed in 4.1.1

    COSMETICALLY Sense 5 looks a bit different but nothing bad.

    • chris otto

      But when is sense 5 coming to HTC one x in U.S?

  • Damon

    Got the update today (2/4/14).
    HTC One X AT&T.
    Located in Houston TX

  • pvine

    Upgraded my HTC One X (AT&T) to 4.2.2 and Sense 5. Battery is running down to 0% in 6 hours. With prior software, I got 20 hours of use.

    Is HTC aware of this serious defect?

    Has anyone else experienced this type of battery drain?

    Are there any “fixes” for this battery drain problem?

  • taha

    You can enable power saver (conserve CPU usage ) and disable developer options.

  • Kimberlina64

    I received my update from AT&T. I can’t stand it. Okay actually just two things burn me. The feature where you could add and arrange home screen panels is gone (or I just can’t find it). And the panels now go one way. When you get to the end, you have to rotate all the way to the opposite side. So things that were one swipe to the left is now 5 swipes to the right. And it is drinking the battery a lot faster. I used to make through a work shift and home before I needed to charge it. Now I barely make it to the end of the shift. Ugh! If anyone has found my missing features

  • Keith

    Is anyone having an issue with no notification sound for instant messaging? Does anyone have a way to remedy the problem?