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AT&T tempting T-Mobile customers to switch with credit of up to $450


T-Mobile has a big Uncarrier 4.0 announcement planned for next week, but today AT&T has attempted to take some of the steam out of T-Mo’s news by making a big reveal of its own.

AT&T has announced a new offer that will give T-Mobile customers up to $450 in credit for switching carriers. The offer breaks down like this: T-Mobile customers that trade in their existing smartphone can receive up to $250 for their unit, and folks that agree to sign up for an AT&T Next Plan, buy a phone at full retail price or bring their own device to AT&T are eligible for an additional $200 Switcher Bill Credit. Both credits are available today, Jan. 3, and will run for a limited time.

T-Mobile is rumored to be prepping a switcher offer of its own for next week that will see it pay the Early Termination Fee of customers that agree to become members of the Magenta Army. AT&T’s deal is the one in the spotlight now, though, and while not every consumer will receive the full $450 credit that AT&T touts in its announcement, the offer is still likely to pique the interest of some T-Mobile subscribers. If you’re a T-Mo customer that’s interested in changing your carrier allegiance to AT&T in exchange for some cold, hard credit, you can hit up the AT&T link below to learn more about this new offer.

Source: AT&T

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  • MyMilan

    Note to AT&T: You couldn’t pay me enough to join your service.

    • Timmy

      What he said times infinity.

    • Candis J. Anderson

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    • Richard Yarrell

      TRUST ME……NOBODY on T-MOBILE will be SWITCHING to AT&T anytime soon. T-MOBILE does better updates to handsets so easily it’s comical. Not to mention the fact that T-MOBILE has UNLIMITED DATA and better overall data plans generally.

      Plain and simple NOTHING BEATS T-MOBILE

      • Sargon

        Shut the fuck up already, you stupid, ignorant sack of dog shit. Nobody gives a shit what you think or have to say. It’s the same goddamn thing every single fucking time. “Plain and simple” “pimp slapping” “Samsung” “tmobile” Nobody cares about your retarded ghetto status symbols. If you are a “high roller” why not get a shower, your nasty beard trimmed and get those fucked up teeth fixed? Oh, right, you can’t because you’re an impoverished ittle bitch. Your black ass was just sucking dick for nickels on the streets a few years ago before the Bowery Mission took your stupid ass in. Niqqa please.

        • squiddy20

          Well… that escalated quickly…

          • squiddy20

            Also, I did post with 4 links (to 4 different websites that utilize Disqus) to where Richard copied/pasted this same comment over and over, but I guess because of those links it’s “awaiting moderation”.
            I hate that there’s no edit button here…

  • TechWings

    First, $250 of that is the maximum you’ll receive in return for trading in your existing T-Mobile handset. To get the full $250, you’ll need a recent handset in good condition — in which case you’d almost certainly get more selling it privately …

    Second, the balance of the $200 you receive just for switching is dependent on you buying a new AT&T handset outright at full retail, or activating your own unlocked phone. You’ll only receive that credit when you’ve been paying your AT&T bills for 90 days.

    Finally, AT&T is not waiving its standard $36 activation fee, so you’ll have to pay that before you start seeing any money back. Oh, and it’s time-limited offer, but AT&T hasn’t yet said when it expires.

  • decker

    Switched to Tmobile and kept our ATT phones. It literally cut our bill in half. No amount of credit would bring us back to ATT.

    Only downside is Tmobile uses 1700 vs 850, we have less coverage with our unlocked ATT phones. The game plan now is to buy new Tmobile phones.

  • mattcoz

    After figuring in the credit I would still pay more in those 3 months than I would sticking with T-Mobile’s $30/month plan… and I would get less data.

    • Cwalden21

      where is this 30$/month plan at? The least i’ve seen on T-mobile for individuals is 50$/month?

      • clocinnorcal

        It’s a prepaid plan with 100 or 200 anytime talk minutes with unlimited text and data (throttled after 2GB I think).


        • benderunit9000

          100 minutes talk | Unlimited text | First 5 GB at up to 4G speeds


          about half way down the page on the right side. you have to activate it online. do not ask for it in the store.

        • Cwalden21

          I see, now the question is if i do this will i lose my wifi calling abilities on my phone??

      • Warren S.

        Wal-Mart has the 30 a month plans with 2.5 gb service

        • Cwalden21

          Do you have a link to this?

  • Daniel

    So what AT&T is really saying is they will pay half of your ETF because the $250 from the handset trade in means you have to buy a new phone. FAIL AT&T, offer a real deal sometime, not one that is meant to inflate your profits even more.

  • rr2009

    Waiting for uncarrier event 4 from t-mobile to see what they are going to offer.

  • Steven

    Was it the AT&T coverage or the cost and the customer service you hated? I’ve been using Straight Talk with a T-Mobile SIM. The 45$ 2.5gb works great for me. I’m thinking of getting a N5 and ST offers LTE on AT&T but not T-Mobile.. So I was thinking of switching my SIM. It’s less than T-Mobile and no extra fees.. Feel it’s time to step up to LTE if I can get it so cheaply

    • Steven

      I’d like to know this too. I was thinking of doing the same thing. I guess no one on this blog decided to respond. I can’t tell what the hate is toward because most of my friends have iPhones and are on ATT and Ive never heard anyone complain about the coverage. Last year, I was visiting relatives in Jacksonville and their ATT phones had coverage, and I had zero coverage in their house, their neighborhood and even a gas station by the major highway. Same happened to me at a doctors office in Atlanta. He had ATT and no problems; I had Tmobile and couldn’t even make a phone call.

      I figured Straight Talk would be an easy way to test the ATT network. $45 for 2.5 gb of LTE data is a steal. My roommate has been using them with Tmobile SIM and a Galaxy Nexus and loves them.

  • jamal adam


  • Andreas Hosemann

    I’m leaving T-Mobile January 6 2014 to be on at&t and let’s not forget Tmobile will not be around much longer they will be selling to dish network Good luck with that they will be taken their billions back to Germany

    • DK Brothers

      They have this new invention called “periods”. It’s use when a sentence is completed. Google it. Oh, and have fun getting rapped at AT&T!

  • donger

    amazing deal.

  • snowbdr89

    They should mention you have to be at least in a tier b credit class to get their next program!!

  • hg
  • rashad360

    I will not be tempted by the dark side!