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Beats Music launches; get the Android app and your free trial!


Beats Music, a new music streaming service, has finally launched on all three major mobile operating systems. Beats Music offers over 20 million songs and tries to differentiate itself with custom playlists made by real people instead of software deciding what music is next. Radio stations that add music depending on your interests have never been perfect, so this could be a real selling point if it works well.

Available for all carriers, this new streaming service will cost you $9.99 a month, or if you’re an AT&T family plan customer, you can get a special deal on your service. There is a $15 per month plan that will allow up to 5 people and 10 devices to use the service, which means significant savings. And instead of the standard 7 day trial, you can get a 90 day trial.

If you want to give it a shot, hit the widget and download the app to your Android device. Start your (awfully short) 7 day free trial and tell us how you like this new service! Is it better than current offerings or just another attempt at music streaming? We’ll be trying it out ourselves, so tell us what you think!

Minor update: It seems that the service is currently US only. Sorry to those who live in other countries!


Source: Beats Music

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  • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

    I was 99% sure it won’t be compatible outside US. I could have bet on it. I would have won.

  • prs

    will it work outside the US ??

  • Henrik Paulsen

    I just tried to download it for my Nexus 5 in Norway – no sucsess.

  • mkstvns

    Not available in Australia. I friggin knew that’d happen. Last to get everything.

  • 33

    Looks like beta to me, no iPad app yet and Site looks unfinished. Nothing can beat my Deezer with free data besides plan.

  • JozyMozy

    I downloaded it as soon as Reznor tweeted about it- exclusive 4-song NIN EP. It’s got a cool looking layout, and -tries- to thoroughly ascertain your musical tastes, but it could still use a little work.

    For example- I tried out the new sentence feature, and said I felt like ‘dreaming’ to ‘hardcore hip-hop.’ The first track was BABY BASH. What the hell?!

    That being said, there’s lots of promise here: cool new features, snazzy layout, and ways to construct playlists that I haven’t seen before. It’s definitely intriguing. If I like it, I’m an AT&T customer, so I might dive in to the 3 month trial.

  • Adonis K.


  • Ashish

    It says not available in your Country, I am from India….. I have waited for this long time and this is very dissappointing.

  • donger


  • Beats Music Help

    Hey there, we’re US only for now but working to expand globally ASAP. Also, if you have set up your account in the USA you’ll be able to use it when you travel outside of the States. Stay tuned! -m