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Beats Music launching January 21 with special deal for AT&T customers


We’ve heard talk of Beats Music for quite a while now. It was said to be just another music streaming service, which left many of us completely disinterested in what it had to offer. Now Beats has finally released some details on its new service, though, and I have to say it actually sounds pretty good!

Beats Music will offer the basic streaming service with all of the music the service offers for a monthly fee. However, Beats Music goes one step further and puts the emphasis on playlists. The company has hired real people to create custom playlists for any mood. Instead of relying on a computer to make the playlists, Beats feels that humans will do a far better job. There are playlists for genres and even activities to get you the perfect music.

The service will be available for $9.99 per month with a 30-day free trial to give it a shot before you commit. AT&T customers that are part of a family plan can get a special $15 per month plan that allows up to 5 people with 10 devices to use Beats Music, which is a big savings. Also, AT&T customers in family plans get an extended 90-day trial.

The service launches January 21st for Android, iOS, and “Windows Mobile” (which we assume means Windows Phone, not Windows Mobile). It sounds very interesting, and we hope that the unique playlist feature will work as advertised. If it does, the service could be a legitimate improvement over its competition. Will you give Beats Music a chance on the 21st?

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