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Blackphone is a security-focused smartphone with a custom version of Android


Does all of the recent news concerning security and the NSA have you concerned about your privacy? The folks at Geeksphone and Silent Circle know how you feel, and in response they’ve announced a new smartphone that promises to make your communications more secure.

Dubbed the Blackphone, this unlocked GSM handset runs a customized version of Android known as “PrivatOS” that includes support for secure voice calls, text messages, emails and file transmissions. Even though the software on the Blackphone is a special flavor of Android with added layers of security, Geeksphone says that the OS is “the Android that you are familiar with,” including the same apps that are available to Google’s little green robot.

Details on the Blackphone hardware are just about as limited as the software. Neither Geeksphone nor Silent Circle are talking specs, but we’re told benchmark tests have placed the Blackphone “among the top performers from any manufacturer.” We can see in renders of the Blackphone that it features a set of capacitive Android navigation keys as well as a top-mounted headphone jack.

While there’s obviously still a lot we don’t know about the Blackphone, the promise of a handset that offers encrypted communication and a security-focused version of Android is certainly intriguing, especially if it ends up being as high-end as it’s made out to be. The good news is that we won’t have to wait long to learn more about the Blackphone, because the device is expected to be officially unveiled on Feb. 24 at Mobile World Congress. Pre-orders will kick off on that same date. To help pass the time until MWC rolls around, you can check out the Blackphone intro video below.

Via: Blackphone (PRNewswire)

Source: Blackphone

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  • Arthur

    Looks like the back is carbon fiber as well (whether it is real or not is another matter) and overall looks to be pretty slim.

  • Andy

    Drug dealers and criminals everywhere are jumping for joy, finally a phone they wont have to trow away every few weeks lol

  • rashad360

    Color me intrigued

  • just_a_guy

    Eh, Janke and other SC guys have links to espionage agencies.

    BTW, NSA forced them to shut down their previous service.

    And they operate from/in USA.

    How does this make them secure?

    They can be shutdown in an instance, just like anybody operating from/in the USA.


    Give me a white-hat hacker phone from Russia and I’ll trust it 100x times over anything comes from US ex-spooks.

  • k1ll nsa insurgents

    Good, every small step act against american aggressor cuntz NSA is a leap forward. We have to fight those NSA extremists until the war on terror/DoD has been won.

    Remember Magna Carta? FREEDOM FOR U.S.

  • NewsReply

    Cool…..wish there were a iOS 7 version….will there be one in the future or is iOS & proprietary?

  • NewsReply

    iOS 7 version lease…???? I’LL TAKE ONE!

  • Nunya

    Cool. I mean, it will be a total piece of backdoored crap, but hopefully the PrivateOS source will make it into the wild to be forked, or the project will spur development of more privacy-oriented open-source ROMs. I wouldn’t trust these guys as far as I could throw them. Sadly, that means Zimmerman too.

  • donger


  • TimT

    Unless the PrivatOS is available for examination by anyone I wouldn’t touch it. It could be full of NSA backdoors or similar ‘honeytrap’ code.