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Bump, Flock shut down after Google acquisition

Bump for Android

Back in September of last year, Google acquired the company behind the popular app Bump (and Flock as well). Bump allowed users to share photos by bumping devices together, with or without NFC, between different operating systems and even to a computer. It was an innovative app, though possibly limited in uses.

But like many acquired app companies, the developers behind them have announced that the two apps will be shut down by January 31 of this year. The apps will no longer work, they’ll be taken down from the App Store and Google Play, and all user data will be wiped. Luckily, the developers provided a way to export all of your data before the shut down, so you lose absolutely nothing. But after the end of this month, it’s all gone.

It’s interesting, and honestly somewhat sad, that the companies behind apps that are purchased often end up killing the apps soon after. However, the dev team is now working on unnamed Google projects, so we may see some big improvements in Android Beam. It may come out as a positive in the long run. But for now, we mourn yet another app lost to a buyout. Did you use Bump? Leave a comment telling us your thoughts!

Via: Android Community

Source: Bump Blog

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  • http://aboyandhistv.blogspot.com mvndaai

    I have always liked bump. This is sad, I hope it get merged with things soon. It was my favorite way to transfer pictures from android to iphone or iphone to desktop.

  • kevINSIGHT

    I wasn’t a big user of these, but I did try them and liked them. Is it just me or has Google been big into abandoning systems since Eric Schmidt left? Google Reader and Listen closure really pissed me off. It seems like they could leave well enough alone and end development without abandoning platforms.

  • www.phonewbie.com

    I remember Bump was on the iPhone and it seemed so advanced. It was one of those apps that for me excited. R.I.P. Bump.

    • www.phonewbie.com

      had me excited*

    • Louie

      I liked Bump but prefer Photosync a bit more. I like telling my wife to simply transfer her pics form her iPhone or Android to my Mac in another room.

  • SenseiBanzai

    Shame on Google for doing this.

  • donger

    Tried it a few times, pretty cool.