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CyanogenMod Installer comes to Mac OSX in beta form

CyanogenMod Generic

The CyanogenMod Installer was a big step in easing the pain of installing custom software on your device. Each device is different, and each requires its own procedure, making the process difficult and often risky. The CyanogenMod Installer mitigates that by automating the process for many devices, making having the newest version of Android that much easier.

The installer was released only for Windows and taken off the Play Store, which limited the user base. True, not by much, as Windows is still the dominant OS, but many Android users also have Macs and even Linux machines. But today, CyanogenMod Installer has come to Mac OSX in beta form, and you can give it a shot by joining the community in the source link!

Before you start, make sure your device is supported by visiting this wiki page. Then get installing, and enjoy CyanogenMod finally being easy to install. Will any of you give this a shot? Leave a comment!

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  • themetatron

    Wait, shouldn’t Mac users just use command line, like Linux users?

    • jk

      Every body who likes hamburgers must use ketchup on it? No. and

  • jay555

    wow…the biggest takeaway from this article for me was the fact that people who use Macs actually use Android too??? And there’s actually enough of them that CyanogenMod would waste…I mean take…the time to make an installer for them?

    • Adam

      There are plenty of Mac users who have Android phones -whatever is the best tool for the job. I personally have always been a Mac user, and Apple II before that (Yeah…. I’m that old). When the iphone came out, I was envious but couldn’t stomach the price, or AT&T, or another carrier contract. I waited and jumped into the smartphone world with Virgin Mobile on Android. When the Galaxy Nexus GSM came out, I got that and truly went agnostic pre-paid; still using it despite its age and will continue to until the next great thing is available for $200. I paid < $3 for an app that syncs my iCal calendar on Mac OSX to Google calendar because I prefer iCal's interface but everything else on my Mac synced to Google easily. I work in the Photography business which is exclusively Mac based and many I know with iphones (and mortgages) are considering going pre-paid with Android when their contracts finally end, after seeing my phone, and my monthly bill. Now if Apple actually made a less expensive, unlocked iPhone…..

    • Asthuriel

      I know it’s hard to believe, but there’s a really small number of people that thinks instead of wasting time arguing about which plattform is the best, prefer to see what’s best in each one and use any of them according to whatever his needs. I use a pc that dual boots OS X and Linux, and my telephone is an Android. I’m a proud tech whore.

  • donger

    Woot woot.