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Evolution of the HTC One prototype

HTC One Prototype 1

The current HTC One that has been out for almost an entire year seems like the perfect phone for an Android fan at first glance. A full metal construction, loud front facing speakers, a decently sized display… it’s all anyone ever wanted. The execution of the final product never turned out perfect, but many of those elements made the device as popular as it was.

But way before that, we saw leaks of the HTC One, then called the M7, that didn’t feature front facing speakers or metal construction. We saw a phone with a soft touch body¬†and one with a traditional earpiece design. It was definitely far from the device people love today.

Thanks to Engadget, we can now take a look at the actual prototype device from those early leaks. This device features the same shape as the One, with a rounded back, but covered in soft touch plastic. The navigation keys are also switched around in this very early design.

Take a look at the gallery if you want to see more of this device. It’s always interesting to see how devices evolved, and it’s a bit hard to believe that the HTC One could have been plastic and lacking some of its main features. What do you think of this prototype? Leave a comment!

HTC One Prototype 1 HTC One Prototype 2 HTC One Prototype 3 HTC One Prototype 4 HTC One Prototype 5 HTC One Prototype 6

Via: Phandroid

Source: Engadget

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  • Ahmed Samir

    I wouldn’t have bought it if it was in plastic. You want a plastic phone, go for the Samsung.

  • fabien

    bad design i think ,
    it’s looking a lot like the evo 3D

    • Ben

      to me it looks more like the Droid DNA, like they started by just putting a rounded back and a different camera on a DNA – and custom ROM compatibility being what it is (since many custom ROMs work on the Verizon One and the DNA) , that might actually be exactly what they did.

      • SGB101

        Looks like a one X from the rear, and a sgs2 from the front.

  • jake

    How come all HTC phones look like they found some screen lying around somewhere and slapped it onto an already existing phone body?

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      if you haven’t noticed, that what all phones look like these days. When the main features is a large touch screen display, phone manufacturers don’t really have a lot of options when designing something different.

      Just keep in mind that the images here were of a prototype phone used for testing purposes only.

      • jake

        I beg to differ. The only other phones I see like this are the Motorola Droid series, and I doubt we’ll be seeing this anymore from them, and Nokia. Their newer, google-influenced Motorola phones look like one piece of hardware. As does my Galaxy S3, as does all the Galaxy phones, LG phones, and Crapple phones. So I think you are mistaken, sir.

  • Carl

    looks like every other phone

  • Mike C.

    Yes the HTC One has great hardware. Unfortunately their software is lacking and their support is way below average. Example is the HTC One X which were only ever updated with the Android versions that came out within the first 9 months after it was available.

    No more HTC products for me.

  • Subx

    Firstly, the details of the article are great and its nice to see what the prototype looked like. HTC to me, has always been known as doing something different from the rest.

    Secondly, to say “The execution of the final product never turned out perfect”, you must be a moron! The execution is absolutely perfect! The style, the sleekness, the feel is absolutely stunning! The whole phone is as one with no gap construction. Show me one other phone on the market that has this look and feel! No you can’t because no other phone like the One exists!

    Me, I couldn’t care less if the new M8 looks the same and is of similar construction. Sure it would have to differ slightly and have some distinguishable features but ss long as the internal specs are upgraded than that is all that matters. It will keep in with the One’s line of model.

    To say that ALL HTC phones look like the have just gotten a hold of a screen and placed it in the same looking hardware is pathetic. You Jake, must be blind. Put alot of the HTC devices over the past few years side by side and you will clearly see the difference.
    Apple, Samsung on the other hand all look extremely similar. Same shape with the same hardware button in the middle.

    But hey, this is what defines a model and a brand.

    You take a look at a Ford, you know its a Ford, You look ad a Chev, you know its a Chev. As for model, Mazda 6 from 5 years ago and look at a Mazda 6 from 2013, you know its a Mazda 6.
    This is how it is supposed to be!

    “Yes the HTC One has great hardware. Unfortunately their software is lacking and their support is way below average.”

    Are you serious? The software is excellent! The One was designed with simplicity in mind! No gimmicky crap installed like air swipe and eye tracking and all the other bloated crap you see on alot of other phones. I think HTC did a perfect job with Sense 5 and now 5.5! The really went back to the basics and got it right!
    Support? HTC have always been great to me. Mind you I have only ever had to contact them on 2 occasions and that was for my Sensation. This was due Android update failure. My phone was still under warranty and I did not want a custom ROM yet. Their support team from Taiwan called me by phone. I am in Australia? How is that poor support? My phone was fixed in a matter of minutes!

    Now for the One X, the One X model is 2 years old! Why would one expect it to be updated for the life of the phone? It is impractical and would cost a huge amount of money. 4.2.2 is more than enough to keep the phone going for a while yet.

    • Nate

      As i read this scrolling with my eyes using gimmicky crapware. i was all blah blah blah and i looked and my Droid Incredible 2 and thought we were on the list for ICS and that never showed. Good job for support on the phone. ICE dropped months after the phone came out just HTC or VZW wouldnt update it. I dropped HTC for lack of support. The least they could’ve done was release source code (still hasn’y happened btw) so devs would have an easier time. The phone is still alive mind you as is My new shiny S4 and i can easily air swipe a page away.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      1. I’m a moron for believing the HTC One was poorly executed? Advertising was pitiful, the software was poor in my opinion (keyword opinion), it was launched with an old version of Android, and it was huge for its display size. It’s just an opinion, but I feel like HTC could have done better.

      2. The One X is two years old and stuck on 4.2, yet the Galaxy S III is two years old, got its update to 4.3, and may even be updated to 4.4 someday (I’m unsure). But Samsung actually supports devices for a long time, HTC never has.

      Try to keep from insulting others buddy. You can have a good conversation or debate with others without resorting to “moron” and “blind” just because people don’t share your high regards of a phone. Opinions are opinions.

      • Subx

        Yes Dima, I agree. Advertising was pathetic.marketing is terrible, but this is not what your article reads. It reads that the phone it self was executed poorly.

        What people fail to remember or maybe it’s unknown to them that The One was phone of the year last year. It is still labelled as the best Android phone of all time!

        And yes, blind is the correct word to use here. It’s is really that simple. If one cannot tell the difference, then they must be blocked blind.
        Dima, I am sorry if you feel insulted by my comment. But your are the person writing this article. You have to be on the same level as everyone and state facts! And by stating those facts, you need to be make your reasoning clear.
        I’m a personally tired of people jumping on the “let’s give HTC shit” bandwagon because of a small issue.
        You as a writer should know this! You should also know that in comparison to Samsung and Apple, HTC is a very very small company. Hell Samsung spent 14billion dollars just on marketing in 2013! Almost double what HTC is worth!
        HTC has 16,846 staff, Samsung has 427,000 staff!
        Can you see that it is no viable for HTC to keep 2 year old phones up to date with the latest Android OS?
        Does not having the latest version stop you from using the phone? No!

        To a small minority, yes it matters, but to the everyday user, they wouldn’t have a clue or probably know the difference.

        • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

          Most of the things you have issues with are me expressing opinions in my writing. That’s what I do, and it shouldn’t be taken as fact. I hope my readers can draw their own conclusions, like you already do (which is good).

          I agree that Android version doesn’t matter in the least. I myself have said so many times. It’s just sad that an update was denied for a phone that can support it. The included TRIM support is quite important, especially to older devices. It’s one of the times I actually consider an update “important.”

  • donger

    Very cool.

  • Sandman

    While I agree HTC may have not had the best track record regarding updates, in the year of 2013, they had the record of updating to latest android version compared to any other manufacturer, even Samsung. HTC One was no doubt an achievement that has pushed other manufactures to step up their game,especially in the hardware category (looking at you Samsung). People need to give HTC a chance again, they messed up in the past but 2013 they showed they are still in the game! People need to get past removable sd cards and batteries (Samsung has had so many battery recalls in their new phones!). HTC One had amazing battery life really no need for swappable battery, I’m assuming the new phone will have even better. The days of low internal memory are gone, and with improving battery tech and software (sense 5 and 5.5 is amazing!), phones are much more efficient.