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Founder of AOKP leaves for CyanogenMod, will still contribute

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The Android community is absolutely massive. You can select from dozens of ROMs for most devices, each ROM being unique and special in its own way. But the two biggest ROMs in the world are CyanogenMod and AOKP, in that order. Both are open source and thrive off of user submitted code, and both are very similar in many ways.

However, the founder of AOKP Roman Birg has departed from AOKP and has joined CyanogenMod. Some might view this poorly, as it would be going to “the enemy,” but luckily that’s not how the community works. Roman will still be contributing to AOKP, since both ROMs are open source and contributing is easy. Plus, both ROMs use each other’s code quite often as it is.

CyanogenMod is quickly growing as a company, and we’re excited to see where it’s headed. With Roman on the team, it’s just more talent to help them out. And AOKP is not going anywhere, in case you’re wondering. It’ll keep on growing as always.

Via: Phandroid

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  • jerrbomb

    I agree.. This shouldn’t be viewed poorly… Who knows.. With him departing AOKP there might be something deeper than what we know.. As was the case with people like Andy Robin stepping down only to find out he wanted to persue a life long dreams in robotics.. The the guy from Oppo leaving to start OnePlus and then we find out he is teaming with CM.. In other words.. We shouldn’t knock him for leaving.. Because it might be for the benefit of both AOKP and Cyanogen.. Regardless of how it looks…

  • SGB101

    Putting the android stuff to one side, the guy has to eat, cm must off offered a nice salary and a nice project, with great prospects.

    A Job is a job, good luck to him.

  • ayocuz

    It’s a win for the Rom flashers out there and I switch from beanstalk which is aokp To cm11 to combine the best of both worlds is gonna be awesome. Google should just hire both camps and use the best of what each has to offer for the ultimate versions of Android

    • Tommy

      I’ve always liked the aokp roms on my gs2 and my gs4. But with both of their kitkat versions, I like cm11 much more. Even though both roms are missing things that I liked from previous versions (ie screenshot, saving pics to sd, auto rotating homescreen). I guess as the nightlies go on these things may be added, hopefully.

    • Scotty Bee-noit

      Hopefully not… That would just be an ugly monopolistic approach that would drive away creativity and any competitive edge the entire open source and devs teams are built on. IMOP we don’t need Micky D’s merging with BK, we need more Wendy’s and George’s Giant Burgers!
      I’ve taught myself how to customize my own ROMS over the last few years, thanks to Clockwork, Cyanogen, AOKP, and Elagancia’s platforms. I’ve also learner that no phone is forever bricked! I’d love to work on any of the teams to further my education. Before they all go public and I miss out on the stock options. 😍

    • Scotty Bee-noit

      Just to clarify, my note was in response to AYOCUZ not the nightly updates which are great.

  • Tommy

    I wonder if this is why the kitkat version of aokp is not putting as many customizations in their rom control (I.e. SCREENSHOT ugh)

  • TekBoi

    This just proves that CM is superior to Paranoid Android.

  • donger

    Thats good and bad news at the same time.