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Get $100 in credit for every new AT&T line you activate


Many times, carriers will do everything possible to earn the business of new customers. That includes pricing smartphones lower for new customers than upgrade-eligible customers, which I hate. What about pleasing existing customers and convincing them to stay? AT&T has shown that it has the right idea in mind by launching a new promotion that can net both new and existing subscribers $100 per new line.

For every new line you add or for every new device you add to a plan, you can get a $100 bill credit. You’ll still be charged a $36 activation fee, but that’s still a decent amount of cash to get for adding a device. Eligible devices include smartphones, dumbphones, mobile hotspots, tablets, and even wireless home phone lines.

In the constant battle against T-Mobile, AT&T is noticeably getting nervous. Of course, it’s all for the best, because more competition means that more customers benefit from companies trying to reward us. Many people are switching to T-Mobile, but as for me, I’m staying with AT&T for a little while longer. Does this give you incentive to stay with AT&T, or are you leaving the first chance you get?

Via: The Verge

Source: AT&T

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