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Google officially unveils Titanium Collection frames for Glass with prescription lenses

Google Glass Titanium Frame

Google Glass is an amazing piece of technology. It’s a wearable, interactive device with an always visible display. But its use is severely limited for those with vision problems; Glass does not fit over regular glasses. This means that you’ll either have to wear contacts or go blind. There are third party manufacturers that have made prescription frames for Google Glass, but now there’s something more official.

Google has announced the “Titanium Collection” of frames for Google Glass, a set of four frames that make Glass more fashionable. But the best part is that the frames all support prescription lenses. These frames are made of lightweight titanium and actually look pretty stylish. You know, besides the big Glass module hanging off the side.

To get your prescription lenses fitted into the frame, Google prefers you to go to one of its trained eye care professionals, who are specifically trained to properly fit lenses to Google Glass. You can go to anyone, but it’s nice to have an option for a provider who’s in the know.

It’s great to see Google creating official support for prescription lenses for those who need it. These frames will be available today and will start at $225. Titanium is a pricey metal, so you will be getting a pretty high-end product. Are any of you Glass owners planning to pick these frames up? And for those who don’t have Glass, do they make wearing Glass in public more acceptable to you? Leave a comment!

Google Glass Titanium Frame Google Glass Titanium Frame 1 Google Glass Titanium Frame 2 Google Glass Titanium Frame 3 Google Glass Titanium Frame 4

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Source: Google Glass

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  • uknowme

    Ooh want! Seriously though those aren’t that bad.

  • thel0nerang3r

    I guess they are going for the hipster look.

  • hp420

    Those are all ugly as hell!! When will google learn….make google glass an add-on attachment for existing glasses!! I already have glasses that I like the looks of!! Would it really be that difficult to clip something over the earpiece of any pair of standard glasses? It would bring down the cost significantly, speed up production, and appeal to a far greater group of people, since most people don’t want to be forced into choosing from only a half dozen styles of glasses. If the selection of styles were as limitless as regular prescription glasses it would be a far easier sell, imo, and since I already own a pair of regular prescription glasses, and wear them every day, google glass as an add-on would just be a no-brainer for me.

    • andy noel

      For what purpose do you want or need google glass? In my case, I hope they can improve my vision enough to allow me to drive again. ( I have a problem with my periferal vision.

      thank you for a response!

    • andy noel

      How does google glass help you?

  • McLovin

    Does it only work on the the right eye?

  • donger

    So cool,.