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Hisense X1 features high end hardware in a 6.8-inch smartphone body

Hisense X1

Can a 6.8-inch device still be considered a smartphone? This thing has mobile data and an earpiece and everything, so it’s really a phone, isn’t it? Wow, it’s big. Yes, Hisense has announced the X1 smartphone at CES 2014 and it looks very intriguing, to say the least.

This device features a massive 6.8-inch 1080p IPS display, close to the size of a Nexus 7. It has a pixel density of 324 PPI, so even though 1080p resolution is quite modern, it’s stretched out across that huge display. It also has a Snapdragon 800 processor, a 13MP camera, and a 3,900mAh battery, making it a fairly high end device.

The device shown off was running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, but will be launched with 4.4 KitKat with a light skin on top. It still retains on screen buttons as Google designed them, multitasking key and all. I would have put the back button on the right side, but that’s just me.

Surprisingly, the device may be coming to the US. Hisense is talking to two US carriers about bringing the device here. The regular X1 has no LTE, but Hisense will be making an X3 with LTE capability for the US. The company is hoping to release the device in late Q2 of 2014 here in the States but has not mentioned price aside from “mid end.” Would you consider this behemoth of a phone? Leave a comment!

Source: Engadget

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  • tom bryant

    All I can say is Awesome phone would for sure get one if avail. I’m using zte savvy.

  • Kurt Place

    As an owner of big hands and a Samsung mega, I can say unequivocally Hell Yes!

  • Chuxter

    Stop making giant phones!… I guess that will only happen when people stop buying them. I hope people have the common sense not to support such a huge device. Then again, to each his own… as long as they don’t stop making regular sized phones… I would have friends look at my 4.7″ Nexus 4 and say, “WOAH! Your phone is HUGE!.” I now use the Nexus 5, which has a larger screen but approx same body as Nexus 4. I think it’s perfect. I know there are a lot of supporters of the Note 3 and other giant phones, which I suppose is understandable… as for this Hisense X1 phone goes? – Let the madness stop!

    • Orion78

      There’s a simple solution….don’t buy it. There’s a market for large phones and it NOT stopping. I wouldn’t buy it myself but there’s others that will. I like the 5.5-6.0 range. Its not hurting you so stop complaining.

  • Stanglifemike

    No thanks! My Note 3 is a great size for a phone, in my opinion. I had the Note 2 before the Note 3, and will definitely be buying the Note 4 the day it’s available on Sprint! I’m sure the Note 4 will have a larger display, and would actually prefer it to have a 6″ display. Hopefully it will not be any larger than 6″, though. Personally, a 6″ display is the largest that I still consider a phone. Yes, that means the Sony Z Ultra is a small tablet in my mind. I’m not a small guy either at 6’2″ and 200 lbs.
    Instead of buying this ZTE, why not just get a ’13 Nexus 7 LTE and use that as your phone? Lol, it’s basically the same thing, and will look absurd held up to your ear. With this new ZTE, a bluetooth headset will be an absolute must have!
    I’m well aware that I don’t speak for everyone in the mobile phone market, and I know there will be some who love this new oversized ZTE and rush out to buy it. That said, around half of the people who see my Note 3 say that they think it’s too big for a phone. I think the Z Ultra has already proven that there is such a thing as “too big” when it comes to phones. Still though, I do applaud ZTE for for designing and releasing this behemoth to the masses! Good luck to ZTE, and congrats to those looking for a super-sized smartphone (just please use a bluetooth headset for handling calls with this tablet, errr, I mean phone!). :-D

    • Stanglifemike

      Not sure why I kept thinking this was a ZTE tabl….phon….DEVICE!!!

    • Brus T

      Why are people so afraid of what other will think of them? When I get a phone call, I don’t think, “OMG how will I LOOK when I am answering this call??” Just get over yourselves, no one cares.

  • NoStrangerToStange

    Her: Good Grief! What’s that huge thing in your pocket?!
    Him: Ummm. My eyes are up here.

  • Raju

    No front camer?????

  • saka salahudd

    how much the price???and how. much time open the market? ??

  • Griff

    I would buy the LTE version in a heart beat. I have been saying all along if the Nexus 7 was able to make and receive phone call that would be my main phone. I need the larger screen for working on the ambulance. I have a Note 2 now but I use a bluetooth for making call so the size is not something I am worried about.

  • sally thornton

    All I have to say is HOW MUCH?

  • donger


  • MIKE J

    I know where to buy it for low just hit me up and I will tell you the link

    • Prince

      Where can I purchase this device mike j?

    • Prince

      Where at?

  • gwakipangajr

    I need to know how much hisense x1?

  • Prince

    Really want this thing.