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HP rumored to be prepping affordable Android phone that could debut in very near future


HP’s been going pretty Google-heavy lately, launching devices like the Chrome OS-powered Chromebook 11 and a quartet of new Android-powered Slate tablets. One product category that HP hasn’t appeared in lately are smartphones, but according to a new rumor, that could soon change.

A report form 9to5Google claims that HP is prepping a new low-cost Android smartphone that could be introduced as soon as next week. The handset is described as being similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and is expected to target prepaid and emerging markets with a $200 price.

HP isn’t exactly a stranger to the smartphone market: The company purchased Palm and its webOS mobile operating system in 2010 and subsequently released a few devices that ran the software, including the HP Veer and HP TouchPad. It discontinued operations on webOS hardware in late 2011, though, and recently sold the OS to LG.

Now several rumblings suggest that HP is ready to reenter the smartphone world with Android as its passenger, and considering how consumers are increasingly relying on smartphones and tablets for the majority of their computing needs, I’m kind of surprised that it’s taken HP as long as it has to get a new handset on the market. I’m interested in seeing what kind of smartphone hardware HP is capable of cranking out, especially because it’s been so long since we’ve seen any new phones from it, so hopefully this latest rumor pans out and the device is indeed near.

What do you make of today’s rumor? Does an Android-powered HP phablet sound like a device that you’d be interested in checking out?

Source: 9to5Google

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  • rpasea

    Spammers have certainly found this site….*sigh*. Anyway, back to HP: I would love to see them make a Pre3 running Android. I picked one up for fun and it is a nice piece of hardware with a great qwerty keyboard. Too bad it is struggling with webOS…

    • redraider133

      I agree. Make a pre 3 with beefed up internals and it could be a big seller

  • JLIT99

    There really needs to be a button here to flag spam.. It’s killing the comments section

  • wop333

    HP will screw up this phone like they did the Palm OS phones. WebOS by Palm is still the best phone OS that has ever been. The hardware was not great but HP quit on the platform too quickly and never even tried to properly develop it or improve and diversify the hardware.

  • donger

    Pass on this.

  • Wendy P. Shreve

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