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Huawei announces Tron Android gaming console with Tegra 4

Huawei Tron

The Android gaming console scene was expected to be a huge hit after a few consoles were successful on Kickstarter, including the wildly successful OUYA. However, things haven’t been so great for these devices. Whether it’s due to poor software, lack of games or just lack of interest, Android gaming consoles simply haven’t taken off.

This doesn’t mean that manufacturers have given up on the devices. We’re still waiting to see how the $250 Mad Catz M.O.J.O. does in the market. But Huawei is intent on making a high quality gaming console, and making it affordable while its at it. The company announced the Huawei Tron, its new gaming console destined for the Chinese market.

The little device is impressive, with a Tegra 4 processor (matching the M.O.J.O. and leaving the Tegra 3-powered OUYA behind), 2GB of RAM, a choice of 16 or 32GB of storage, Android 4.2.3, a USB 3.0 port and of course WiFi and Bluetooth 3.0. Best of all, Huawei expects to sell it for less than $120, or less than half of what Mad Catz is selling its console for.

The controller looks like it came from the Xbox design team, with an added circle touchpad right in the center. The console itself is a cylinder, and a very small one at that. It could really gain some popularity if it’s marketed right. Is this the real start of the Android gaming console revolution? We’re not so sure, but tell us your opinion in the comments!

Source: The Verge

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  • Willington Mnisi

    controller looks good, and console sounds pretty 4ine. i4 only i was in china, i wuld gv it a try wen its out in stores. shud i add im a fan o4 evrytn Android… if its successful, please let it come to South African stores.

    • Dic Tionary

      Willington, do you realise how much of a retard you appear with a comment like that?
      I can understand the use of abbreviations for character constrained input or where you need to be ultra concise (for example in 1995 using a housebrick Nokia) but changing “fine” to “4ine” in an unlimited comment is absolutely ridiculous.
      Please don’t buy this console, consider buying a book instead.

      • NorskHelgen

        Haha, no kidding! How one could possibly expect their comments to be taken seriously after writing virtually illegible crap like this is beyond me.

  • Jack ass

    It sound good yeah for that price also but will Huaweii strong enough to convince game developers such as Namco and the others to create high ending games for android?? Not sure. Does the android developers good enough to create such games like Tekken, Uncharted, Halo an so on?? I doubt.better to have an eye only

  • SGB101

    I like all these consoles, but with out play stores backing, I just can’t see one taking of over another.

    You may as well just hook up last year’s mobile via mhl and use a ps3 controller. Add in Xbmc and your all sorted.

  • kurkosdr

    Does it come with Play Store, and is the controller HID-compatible? That’s all that matters (so you can use the game selection of the play store)

  • hossinjabbari

    huawei y210

  • donger


  • tux

    its 4ine vele bringit hiye in SA wi whant eat