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Update: Leaked HTC M8 case has second cutout, lines up with second camera sensor rumors

HTC M8 case

There are plenty of rumors going around about the HTC One successor, codenamed the HTC M8, with the main rumor focusing on its camera technology. Like its predecessor had two speakers, the M8 (to be simply called the “HTC One”) will feature two camera sensors for high and low light, a main one and a smaller one above that.

The case even matches up to some leaked photos of an HTC M8 backplate, though the flash looks to have been redesigned in that time. The M8 may feature a dual flash, possibly in a creative way like the iPhone 5s. Though there are still rumors going around that the extra cutout is for a fingerprint reader, a second sensor sounds a heck of a lot more useful to me.

HTC will announce the new HTC One very soon, so we’ll find out what HTC has in store for us then. We may see the device launch in late March as well. Hopefully the company can improve both its Sense UI and its hardware. Are you excited for HTC’s next flagship? Leave a comment!

Update: HTC Source did a little more digging and found two more cases for the HTC M8 listed on Alibaba’s site. We’ve added them to the gallery below for your viewing pleasure.

HTC M8 case htc-m8-case-1 htc-m8-case-2

Via: Phandroid

Source: Gotta Be Mobile

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  • Nathan D.

    So looking forward to see what new

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    If its for a fingerprint sensor i couldnt care less. But if its for another sensor/camera/etc. then it sounds very exciting!

  • jamal adam

    The next one shall be very exciting and I can’t wait for what HTC will show us. Always innovating.

  • Daywalker 2K

    I have been, and always will be an HTC head, I cannot wait to see what new specs are coming via the M8!!!!

  • radiotrib

    And what a coincidence .. Toshiba have just announced the release of …. http://www.semicon.toshiba.co.jp/eng/product/new_products/sensor/1325631_37652.html

    Hmmm … The rumour gains momentum :)

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