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LG G Flex develops bumps on display after frequent flexing

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The LG G Flex is the first widely released smartphone with a true flexible display instead of just curved glass. The whole device has the ability to flex under pressure, to the point of becoming totally flat. This is a great way to prevent damage (especially when sitting on the phone), but since flexible displays are in their infancy, it looks like this has caused some problems.

LG G Flex display bumps

Many users are complaining of small bumps appearing on their devices. This seems to be caused by the flexible display glass deforming due to its elasticity. LG has responded to this issue, simply advising:

Please don’t try to use frequent, excessive force on the device or the screen. The reason we’ve made the G Flex screen elastic is to protect the device from damage from sudden impacts such as being sat on or laid down on.LG

Yes, don’t flex your phone too often and it won’t happen to you. LG also says that the bumps will disappear over time and can be taken care of by lightly pressing on them. The company seems to think this is a non-issue, but that judgement is up to you. With the device coming to the US, would you buy it with the possibility of it deforming over time from flexing? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Community

Source: Korea Times

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  • Akshay Pall

    I’m just surprised at the fact that it has an elastic screen, as it still feels very high-quality.

  • Agret

    Seems like a cool concept. Wonder if the flex of the display would help protect it from drops.

    • Duncan

      Probably not, as it’s a sudden impact in a different way. Your ass isn’t a concrete slab being slammed down onto your phone, it’s more gradual, and the glass has time to flex.

  • eagle1967

    Warning. While i have a g2 now and love it. I also had a g2x which swore me off lg for a while. LG will not care about faulty products or take care of you when it occurs they will continue to push you off until your return period is over than say screw off. While this stance may of changed I can tell you that is what they did with the piece of junk called the G2x and therefore i strongly advice you to not purchase this device until you find that it really is not an issue as LG says , but don’t count on Lg’s word for that.

  • shaun

    I think it’s just 1st generation of flexible device from LG.I believe in the technology would be better again and again.

  • donger


  • Roofing Contractor

    Most likely, I would not buy it until they have worked out the kinks. Of course, any newer technology that comes out is going to have some “issues”. I do like the idea that they have figured out a way to better protect the phone in cases of it being dropped or set on. Only time will tell how well they do that.