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LG shows off new fitness accessories: Lifeband Touch arm band, heart rate monitor earphones

LG Lifeband touch

LG showed off a few new mobile accessories made to help you get fit. Fitness accessories, specifically wrist bands, have been all the rage lately; FuelBand and FitBit are among the most popular options. LG is now looking to get into the market with its new Lifeband Touch. The company showed the device at least year’s CES, but it has since been improved.

The device, which is meant to be paired with an Android or iOS device, has an OLED touchscreen display on it that displays calories burned (instead of random numbers like FuelBand) as well as other info. It also doubles as a notification viewer, so you don’t have to reach for your smartphone while exercising. It’s actually quite nice and might succeed in the market if advertised right.

LG heartrate monitor earphones

The second accessory LG unveiled is quite innovative. It’s a pair of headphones that can track your heart rate using signals from your inner ear. It’s definitely awesome to be able to track your heartbeat through a device you’d normally wear during a workout anyway. Hopefully they’re of good audio quality.

Neither of these devices have been given a release date or price, as is common in the mobile world, but they look quite good. Hopefully LG will step its game up in 2014 and put out some great devices. Are you excited to see these accesories on the market?

Via: Engadget

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