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Moto G Google Play edition appears on the Play Store’s virtual shelves


Things were pretty quiet on the Google Play edition front following the launch of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 GPe units last June, but that changed with the emergence of the LG G Pad 8.3 and Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition hardware last month. Today the flow of GPe devices continues with a new offering from Motorola.

Google just added a Moto G Google Play edition to the Play Store’s virtual shelves, giving consumers the opportunity to pick up Motorola’s new handset with a clean build of Android 4.4. The Moto G GPe hardware is the same as the GSM model that debuted last year, right down to its GSM/EDGE/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz and 21Mbps HSPA+ 850/900/1900/21000MHz connectivity. The one big difference is that, just like the other Google Play edition hardware, this Moto G runs a vanilla flavor of KitKat and will receive updates in speedy manner.

While the Moto G sold by Motorola does include a few custom apps, such as Motorola Migrate and an FM Radio app, the version of Android that it runs is fairly barebones. That’s why it’s kind of surprising to see Google introduce this Moto G Google Play edition. Having more choice when shopping for a new smartphone is always a good thing, though, so I’m not going to complain about getting the opportunity to snag a new Moto G GPe at the same price as Motorola’s store.

What do you think of the Moto G Google Play edition? Is your mouse cursor hovering over its “Add to cart” button?

Source: Google Play Store: Moto G Google Play edition

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  • Arthur

    This has to be the strangest GPE addition thus far. The phone is already being sold in the US by Motorola directly, identical hardware, identical pricing, save for a few Motorola apps and features, identical in every other way.

    What exactly is the purpose of this? Seeing as how fast the Moto G received 4.4 KitKat and how barebones the software already is, we should see the next Android release on it as quickly as we saw 4.4 so the GPE fast Android updates argument has little ammo here.

    • SGB101

      Got the original, and it is all but stock anyhow

      I supposed it takes zero effort for Google to do this, and give them another outlet, as I know here in the UK, you just can’t get them anywhere.

    • NSAnal

      They impleted more NSA backdoors i guess

  • Gregg Hutzler

    The ya my we.

  • Yassir Ghanim

    I want a Note 3 Google Play Edition or a Motorola phone that has better battery life than the Note 3 and is Google Play Edition.

    • redraider133

      Eh a stock note 3 loses all of the added features that take advantage of the large screen (stylus support, multi window, etc)

  • 573W1E

    I suppose other than the stock version of Android, I guess this Moto G is most likely more “developer-friendly” than the standard one. Easier bootloader unlock and such, I would imagine.

    • SGB101

      If you have the skills, and know you want a Dev edition of a phone, I’m not sure you need a ‘simpler’ option, the g is hardly hard to root.

      Not that I bothered rooting the one we have, as it’s nigh on perfect.

  • piratesystem

    Discover the latest apps and games. FREE and enjoy instantly on your Android phone or tablet.


  • rashad360

    I might pick one up in the future as a relatively nice and inexpensive backup phone. Who knows when my Nexus 5 may take a fatal fall.

  • jamal adam

    This is a surprise but I can’t complain. The more the merrier. Keep the Google Play Editions coming. Variety is a beautiful thing.

  • Broseph Stalin

    I think they added it in just to have a budget option in Google Play.

  • donger

    Go Motorola.

  • Smartphone Users

    Well thought I offer an honest opinion as I have own Galaxy, HTC One and even the G1 back in the day. After two days of “normal” use this phone lasted all day, with good battery levels (42%) after 8-hours of use. This included web surfing, texting, various app usages. The quad-core makes the battery last longer. So you may not need those big 3300 type batteries. I found the camera to be much better than some top photo apps. The notion of not having Touch-wiz, Sense, Carrier apps, etc shows in performance as it is not loaded down with unnecessary programs hogging up space. 720p is fine with devices this small, 1080 will not make much of a difference unless using a tablet. I found that I did not need to download all those background running apps to use things like battery level, calendar, notes, notification apps, etc. The difference is great not having to use such battery draining programs.

    The look and feel is decent, slightly heavier but not a big deal, Everything runs sharp and crisp what you expect from such phones. Un-locked is a huge plus as no activation fees etc from carriers, just plug in the SIM card and away you go. Also taking it to another carrier with out the need to purchase another $600 phone, what can you say? No brainier in my opinion.

    Drawbacks… Limited T-Mobile bandwidth is disappointing and only 3G, surfing is slow but not ridiculously slow. as I was still able is get 8 Mbps. But using various Hot-Spots and my home 30+ Mbps makes up unless in an remote area. 1G Ram… may seem disappointing however with a strip down android version and quad-core processor makes up for lack of e”expecting” features.

    Google Now feature works great with all the other apps, finally seeing the this use of Google Now.

    Overall… A good back up phone and if looking at Budget phones this is the one to get. Why get one? For the same reason every android users expects, Fast Updates. No longer wondering if your phone is going to get an update is a big plus. Also who wants to pay $600 for other GPE phones? Which still include manufacturer’s apps.

    Market is finally at the point where “latest” is not always better.

  • rajasekaran

    I want update my motog mobile android 4.4.4

  • Eli Gaffke

    No I didn’t…