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Moto X coming to the UK, France and Germany in February

Motorola Moto X

The Moto X won our highly prestigious Editors’ Choice award for best smartphone of 2013 back in December, but one of the few downsides to the device is that it had to date only been available to buyers in the US, Canada and Latin America. Come February 1st that will finally end, with the UK, France and Germany all coming on board.

Now the bad news is that Moto Maker won’t be available at launch, something non-AT&T Moto X fans will be able to sympathize with, but Motorola stated that they have every intention of delivering the Moto Maker experience as soon as they can figure out how to meet the same four-day turnaround that US customers enjoy. As was the case for most US customers, you’ll have your choice of black or white at launch. Phones 4u has indicated that they have a three-month exclusive on the white model.

UK pricing has been announced at £380 unlocked or £25 a month. In France the Moto X will run you €429 unlocked. We will update this post when we receive word on pricing in Germany.

The Moto G unquestionably remains the strongest international play from Motorola to date considering the growth potential in the lower-end of the smartphone market, but it is good to see them bringing the high-end of their line overseas as well. And assuming they can extend the Moto Maker service internationally for the Moto X and, more importantly, for whatever will succeed the X later this year, that is a strong differentiator for them in 2014.

Any readers in the UK, France or Germany looking forward to picking up a Moto X next month?

Via: Engadget

Source: Motorola UK

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  • surethom

    I was so looking forward to getting this phone but £380 for 16gb version seems a bit over priced, if the 32gb was £380 then maybe i would get it. But I think Motorola has once again missed the boat outside America, because 3 weeks after launch MWC happens & HTC & others will announce there new phones (more expensive i no).

    Motorola NEEDS to launch new phones outside america within 3-4 weeks after America launch date.

  • redraider133

    Good they are finally launching it outside the US, but for version 2, they should make it available much sooner after launch elsewhere if they really want to make an impact.

  • Sean

    1st: way too late (it’s an old phone meanwhile) 2.nd: way too overprized for an average phone. Why would anyone prefer this to the N5? For a little more, I get the new Z1 compact with a 20MP camera.

    • SGB101

      It’s way over priced, once you compare to its little brother, other than camera it isnt 3x better. I’d say marginally better.

      Hover the g isn’t a good Globes stick as that is worth twice it’s current asking price of £99.

      I think the g has really screwed up the market for all, maybe even including motos future flag ships. They may become the defacto non nexus, nexus phone opperating at cost, just to keep fueling the Google ecosystem.

      If rumours are right Amazon are close to dropping a Super cheap phone also, maybe some tough times ahead for the guys that don’t have ecosystems to support their hardware.

    • surethom

      I agree way too late for Europe especially with MWC here soon & it is overpriced. But I dont want 20mp camera that is just too many megapixels on a tiny sensor, give me 10 or 12 megapixels on a better sensor anyday.

  • nsa_traitor

    good news for NSA

  • jol

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  • Paul Thompson

    Why would you get a £380 Moto X when you can get a £340 Nexus 5?

    Way overpriced.

  • donger

    Nice to see people across the ocean getting this device.