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Motorola CEO talks about future customization options, $50 phone

Motorola Moto X

Motorola has been tearing it up lately. The Moto X was the first big revolution in the smartphone industry in quite a while, with a very basic approach to software, minor modifications to AOSP to add incredibly useful and unique features and a fully-customizable chassis that you could make your own. The Moto G was a huge step as well, bringing good hardware to the budget market with a price tag of only $180. But what’s next for the company?

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has spoken about the future of Moto Maker, or customizing future devices. The rumors of the Moto X were crazy, stating that everything from processor to screen size would be customizable. Instead we got a choice of colors and materials, which is still pretty impressive. However, Woodside says that is exactly what’s next for the premium line of devices: things like screen size and functionality.

On the more premium side we’re pushing more customisation. Today you have colours and beginning of materials but you don’t have screen size and you don’t have functionality and we’re going to bring all that in in the next year or so.Dennis WoodsideMotorola

Motorola is also planning on taking another step towards the budget market. The $180 Moto G was a huge accomplishment, but Woodside wants to take things a step further by creating a $50 smartphone.

In much of the world $179 is a lot of money so there’s a big market at a price point of less than $179. We’re going to look at that and just delivering on that value promise is super important. I mean why can’t these devices be $50? There’s no reason that can’t happen so we’re going to push that.Dennis WoodsideMotorola

The prospect of a $50 smartphone that’s actually usable is almost unbelievable but very exciting at the same time, and the fact that Moto Maker will be expanded to hardware specifications is every nerd’s dream. What do you think of Motorola’s future plans? Are they the future king of Android, where Samsung is going in a very anti-consumer direction? Leave a comment!

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  • BlazeHN

    I’,m loving Motorola more and more. If they give us $179 Quad Core excelent phone and now planing a $50 one, then just imagine wich piece of hardware this Moto could give us for $500-$600

  • Jake

    Now THIS is some exciting news. If only removable battery and microsd were among their customization choices. They won’t be, though.

    • http://aboyandhistv.blogspot.com mvndaai

      If a phone only cost $50 it would probably be cheaper to get a new one, than a new battery.

    • JR

      @Jake, I wouldn’t be to sure on that. The Moto E is $129 unlocked and has micro sd support up to 32GB and the new 4G LTE version of the Moto G has Micro SD support as well. Obviously the sealed battery is still an issue but Motorola appears to be listening to what people want. The no Micro SD was the deal breaker for me since I use the heck out of the format on multiple devices, but the addition in the new E and G 4G LTE are a big step in the right direction.

  • Sir Alex

    My custom phone would have a premium music system and NO camera.

    • DonAngeles

      I want a tablet 7, 8 or 10 with no rear camera but with at least a 5mp front facing camera and with a stylus. (^_^)

      Hope they also enter this segment.

    • BlazeHN

      Yeah! THAT is what is all this about. OPTIONS! =)

  • aranea

    Speedy updates (i.e. almost at the same time with nexus devices) and Motorola will have my money.

    • thel0nerang3r

      Well, the MotoX got 4.4 before some Nexus devices.

  • Orion78

    One of the many reasons I’m moving to Motorola.

  • jerrbomb

    Now this is what I call customization

  • renyo

    Now when your kid says, Daddy I want a phone, its gonna be harder to say no…

  • Ron Swanson, Pawnee

    meh- too expensive for an american spyphone assembled by NSA fa9s

    This is so true.

  • DonAngeles

    I just hope that these things reach developing markets. I know we are a small number of people here in the Philippines but if that $50 or $179 will have the exact same conversion rate when we purchase it. I’m sure a lot will grab a piece of it.

  • donger

    Go Motorola!

  • aaron hernandez, charming prisoner

    comes with a locked bootloader

  • welcomezik

    Discover the latest apps and games. FREE and enjoy instantly on your Android phone or tablet.*

  • redraider133

    I like what moto is doing and can’t wait to see what all they make available for customization. I would love a moto x shell with a maxx battery in it. Hopefully they can do this and keep the price down as well.

  • Rasta Silver

    Well here are the problems first the Moto G is US$180 yet the currency in other countries will cause problems that’s 18000+ taxes that’s more than Lumia 520 when the $50 Phone comes out that’s $5000+ taxes next the G didn’t have expandable storage or removable battery I hope Motorola does something about the new G

  • JR

    The problem that I see with this is that there are already phones in the $50 range (ie T-Mobile Prism 2 aka Huawei U8686, Alcatel One Touch Evolve) and there are only 3 things that Separate the $129 Motorola Moto E from these super cheap budget phones:

    1) The Moto E has the latest version of Kitkat and will receive at least one major upgrade whereas the others have the earliest release of Jellybean and are stuck with it. Not a major issue though given the few differences.

    2) The Moto E has a dual core processor whereas the others are running a single core

    3) The Moto E has 1MB of RAM whereas the others still have a pathetic 512MB

    Point is that if Motorola wants to have a solid budget phone that stands out they can’t afford stripping any specs from the E. Ultimately their goal should be to focus on finding ways to keep the E’s specs but lowering the costs putting the phone down into the $50 range. The E certainly isn’t a spec beater compared to what is out there at similar to higher prices, but at a price point of $80 unlocked or less it would be a heck of a phone for the money.