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Motorola drops price of wood to $25 on Moto Maker, adds three new styles January 21

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When Motorola initially released the Moto X, the Moto Maker customization software was both a revolution and a bit disappointing at the same time. You could customize your phone, but where were the real wood options and availability for all carriers? Of course, Motorola eventually delivered on both requests, but it’s not done yet.

The bamboo back option originally launched at a $100 premium, but starting today, it will be dropped to only $25. Additionally, anyone that previously purchased a bamboo Moto X for $100 is receiving a $75 coupon code from Motorola to make up the difference. That’s awesome of Motorola, and I’m sure it’ll make customers happy.

Once January 21st rolls around there will also be three new natural wood back options: teak, ebony and walnut. I don’t know about you, but the ebony design has me absolutely drooling. Check them out in Moto Maker right now.

All of these options use real wood and each piece will be unique, so if you want to equip your Moto X with a wood back, get ready to pull the trigger on the 21st! The device is $429 off contract with a wood back and very cheap on-contract from many carriers. Motorola is quickly expanding Moto Maker, and I can’t wait to see how awesome the next-generation Moto X will be. What are your thoughts on the new wood grains?

Via: Droid-Life

Source: Motorola

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  • SGB101

    Good news I suppose.

    I do have one question about the wooden back;if scratched can you sand it out?

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Sand and stain? I don’t know, but that would be pretty cool actually.

  • donger

    So nice to look at.

  • Sean

    No one cares!

  • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

    Note to whoever sees Sean’s comment: It was in response to a spam message that was removed, not to the article itself. Don’t downvote the man!