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Motorola gives its employees the ability to hand out Moto phone discounts


What’s the point of having friends if they can’t give you discounts? Motorola thought of this (not really), and as a result it started the “Friends With Moto” program. This service allows Motorola employees to hand out some pretty big discounts on the Moto X and Moto G to friends, and the process all depends on the employee approving it (so no free promo codes for everyone).

Motorola is proud of its products and wants to share them with friends and family. The Friends with Moto program was designed so every employee can give their friends discount codes for a Moto X at just $349 off-contract or a Moto G for $149 - 8GB/$159 - 16GB. Codes would be distributed at the employee's discretion and timeline.Motorola

A Motorola employee can share a personal URL with you that will take you to a form you must fill out. Once completed, the promo code will be sent to said employee, who can then forward it to you. It’s done this way so random people can’t get codes without an employee’s approval. Definitely a smart move.

The discounts that are available are substantial. You can get $50 off of a Moto X, $40 off of a 16GB Moto G and $30 off of an 8GB Moto G. Considering that those devices are already pretty cheap, these discounts are great. If you know a Moto employee, you should definitely be nice to them from now on.

Unfortunately, these coupon codes won’t work for on-contract devices and may not work internationally. You’ll have to buy off-contract, though that’s not hard to justify at these prices. It’s awesome of Motorola to give people more chances to save money, don’t you think?

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    I’m eagerly, anxiously waiting for February the 5th

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    Very nice.