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Motorola updates yet another core app, this time it’s Gallery

Moto X Gallery

Motorola has been on top of updating the core apps on its new devices. Instead of resorting to system updates, which would have to be tested by both Motorola and the carriers, the company is releasing its apps on the Play Store for anyone who owns the device to update freely and quickly. This makes for a much faster app update process.

The latest app to be updated is the Gallery. This update applies to the Moto X, Moto G and Motorola’s new DROID lineup (Ultra, Maxx and Mini). The stock AOSP Gallery app has been slightly redesigned with a slide-out panel and a new, white look. Opening the app takes you straight to the camera roll (which I absolutely love), and the sliding window gives you more options for viewing your photos. Viewing images remains the same, from what it seems.

I love that Motorola is updating system apps through the Play Store, as bugs can be squashed extremely fast and new designs don’t have to wait for a major Android version release. It’s a brilliant strategy that’s really working. Plus, the apps are very well done; the Gallery is improved but still light and fast. Head to the Play Store on your phone or hit the widget below to grab the update!


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