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Newest Nokia Normandy leaks show off body design, homescreen UI

Nokia Normandy casing

The whispers of an Android-powered Nokia device have been a constant throughout the last few years, dying out only when the company was purchased by Microsoft. However, it’s all coming back as more and more information about a prototype Android device by Nokia has been leaking out. Called the Nokia Normandy, this device was to run a highly customized build of Android.

Nokia Normandy UI

Today, we get a peek at better shots of the interface along with a photo of the body of the device. The interface looks to closely resemble Windows Phone, with tiles arranged just like what Windows Phone features. However, there is support for folders from the looks of it. And with BBM on the screen, this might be a somewhat recent screenshot. There is also a list-based UI shown off, maybe an alternate UI option?

The body of the device is very much like other Lumia devices, which just means it looks nice, feels sturdy and is colorful. I’m definitely a fan of Nokia’s hardware design, though the software could use some work… or a flash of AOSP.

Now that you’ve seen how the Nokia Normandy would have been like in more detail, does it make you want the device more? The photo of the body made me a little sad, because like many people, I’ve always wanted an Android device with Nokia’s hardware design. Unfortunately, nothing Android-based will come from Nokia anytime soon. What we’re just seeing is old info, a reminder of what could have been. Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Via: XDA Developers
Source: @evleaks, @vizileaks

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  • renyo

    Microsoft should stop being a spoil sport and allow one Android phone to get released… (This is where I start dreaming) and hopefully Nokia makes enough money to spin off Android based Nokia phones as a separate entity of sorts…

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      That’s where Newkia comes in? Haha the whole situation is so weird.

      • Agret

        What’s so weird? Nokia had an android prototype and then Microsoft bought their company so it was never developed to market.

  • Riaan

    At least it’s Android if you don’t like it you can change it. So bring it on the development community will have a field day.

  • w00x

    This interface looks awful. So cluttered and un-intuitive. Just awful.

  • Rasta Silver

    I have to wonder why some folks murmuring that Nokia should make an Android Phone? dont they have Samsung HTC LG Sony etc making TOP Phones so what Nokia has in its Windows Lumia Devices they want?

  • Basit Ijaz

    What’s new about this proposed UI, it’s very similar to Windows. If that’s all Nokia is working on, they shouldn’t.

    • Agret

      Nokia were working on this phone before they were bought out by Microsoft. These are new leaks of an old prototype, there is no Android development work at Nokia.

  • Nishant

    it is beast details of nokia’s nirmandy

  • jerrbomb

    I’m not gonna lie.. I’ve always drooled at the thought of Nokia making a legit Android powered phone and the popularity and traction they could gain.. They would definitely be among the likes of Samsung.. And the fact they were playing with they idea and went so far as this goes to show they wanted to have a part of the Android Market Share.. Maybe one day our dreams might come true but Microsofts hold on them now is now legally bound.. How sad that is to hear that this one wont be coming to fruition anytime is the foreseeable future.. They make beautiful phones put our awesome cameras.. They camera software isn’t bad by far either.. Just imagine what they could do as an Android OEM..I’m a lover great beautiful tech.. And even though I love Samsung and HTC and would trade them both in for a Nokia phone.. No matter how many down votes I get for this.. It’s the truth.. I switched to Android last may for a month to text out the Nokia Lumia and even though I loath Windows with much distaste.. The camera UI was beautiful.. And they fluidity of the phone was amazing.. But the UI called Windows Phone ducked for its lack of core features.. And with Android Nokia could take off.. That’s just IMO..

    • w00x

      Fluidity comes from Windows Phone OS and not from Nokia.

      Just saying.

      • jerrbomb


  • Dan Jones

    I don’t believe this at all. Why would Nokia go against their partnership with Microsoft to make an Android phone that looks EXACTLY like a Windows Phone. Microsoft would just sue them for copying the design.

    This is going to turn out to be just another Windows Phone.

  • GeedyBKL

    Nokia running android OS…thats good news.

  • onah kingsley o.

    i think its a fabulous idea.imagine the creativity gotten by mixing windows ui-like interface and a forked version of android in an asha range.its going to be a blast.i am expecting its date of release to be soon.its amazing

  • ashish

    It can be new asha phone which can run android apps just like jolla

  • localuser

    The custom android looks somewhat like , Windows phone OS.

    In a way , if u think , Windows 7 is an extreme customization of Linux.

  • donger

    Too window-ish.

  • Nishant

    Whoa. This will be totally amazing. Nokia’s WP was also awesome and now Android. WoW :)

  • sampato

    am tried of all these stories i cant wait to see it in action without google play hmm

  • Sumit

    i ve seen people around that the user interface of windows is liked by almost all android users but the microsoft’s fault is that the os cant be developed by them as the windows xp is the great success they have been changing the looks and nothing else, the database remains the or some be modified. Putting of windows in phones as the same database is good experiment but if the want to compete android they have to make the ui and databases for the phone very separately, and unique so that the running of application is successful

    the apps and games make the os popular and finally the handsets, reaching to all poorer to reacher persons (free apps and games) the apps and games which are found free for android is 90% paid in windows market

    nokia is trying a good one combining the ui of lumia and os as android ,best of luck normandy

  • faheem

    this all a bulshit
    nokia not gonna do dat…