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Nokia Normandy shown in the wild and powered on in latest leaked photos


Ever since we got our first peek at the Nokia Normandy in a leaked render back in early December, the device has shown its face again and again in a stream of leaks that each offered up a bit more detail on the device than the one that came before it. That trend continues again today, as two new images of the Normandy have surfaced that show the Android-powered handset in the wild and powered on.

Posted to Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo, the photos show a device with a black front panel and single capacitive back button beneath its display. The first image depicts the Normandy in a protective shell that’s meant to hide its true identity, but we can see that it features Nokia branding that’s likely part of its boot sequence.


Meanwhile, the second shot shows the device free of its case and displaying what looks to be an app menu, complete with options for Phone, Camera, Music and more. The status bar of this Normandy resembles the one shown in a previously-leaked set of renders, right down to the device’s dual-SIM support.

Spec details of the Normandy are still light, but the rumor mill has suggested that it’s running a heavily-customized version of Android, similar to Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets. Nokia reportedly chose to load Android onto the Normandy so that it would have access to a catalog of apps larger than the one available to its Asha line of low-cost handsets. Unfortunately, with Microsoft working to acquire Nokia’s Devices & Services division, it’s not clear if the Normandy will ever see the fluorescent light of a retail store. The appearance of these prototypes isn’t a guarantee that the project is still alive inside of Nokia, but it’s certainly a possibility. For now all we can do is wait and watch how Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s hardware business plays out.

Via: @seamissu, The Verge
Source: @palm大叔, @realzzc (Sina Weibo)

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  • nokia ba$tards

    i will never buy anything from these crooks again, i hope they file for bankruptcy soon

  • jeff

    I’ve always liked the build of the Nokia windows phone but I’m not a fan of Microsoft o/s. New tech is like a drug, I just got the xperia z ultra unlocked a few months ago and I’m looking for something new again. Maybe the hisense x1 @ 6.8″…..I need an intervention.

  • (sic)

    Holy cow, what’s this crap?! Do they even have design sense??

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