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NVIDIA announces 192-core Tegra K1 Super Chip

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Nvidia is kicking off CES with a bang. The visual computing giant has just unveiled a new chip that aims to bridge the gap between, phones, tablets, PCs, cars, super computers and more.

Coming in multiple configurations, including one 64-bit with dual-Denver CPUs, the Tegra K1 is billed as a 192-core chip based on Kepler technology — the same architecture behind the powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti. By utilizing 192 graphics-cores in parallel, Nvidia will bring desktop class computing and graphics to a multitude of platforms.

During its CES presentation featuring the chip, Nvidia teased the K1 as powering a tablet, Tesla car and super computer. The K1 will be everywhere. And Nvidia has made it very clear it fully intends on utilizing Android whenever it can. The 64-bit K1 will be available sometime in the second half of this year, with a 32-bit ARM Cortex A15 variant launching sooner.

We hope to get our hands on the K1 at CES as soon as possible. Be on the lookout for more coverage on the Tegra K1 as the week rolls on.

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  • Adriean

    since Nvidia heard that AMD was making the next gen console graphics, they started hating, i mean is nvidia really expecting to compete with xbox one (let alone PS4) with those graphics?, Kepler technology or not, it doesn’t matter… Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti has 1000+ cores, this has only 192, it’s a step up from what we are use to, kudos. ill give them that, but i bet that when it comes out, iPad will still have better graphic performance, why? because dumb companies like to play the never learn game” how is that in every new CPU/GPU, apple still wins, i hate it because i don’t wanna pay for an iPhone/iPad again, but that outdated android menu theme, i mean how come apple is the only mobile company that has good designers? why can’t google hire some of those talented bastards from deviantart or something; another thing, THAT “2.5 Ghz (quad) 64bit CPU” better be more powerful than apple’s “A7 (dual) chip 1.3 GHz” in EVERYTHING.

    • Hamid Aryan

      Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti has 1000+ cores
      This (Nvidia 192-core tegra k1) has only 192,

      who is competeing with who?

    • Stef R

      ‘Apple wins’, My friend, you know apple don’t make any ARM processors.. they call it Apple A7 but they are created and made by Samsung.. Why do you think samsung has already a 64 bit processor? Because they make all the processors for Iphones..

      Read before you start talking bullshit!

  • NVIDIArrhea

    They still call it Tegra after all of these epic sales disasters….?

  • masterpfa

    The future is looking bright, because as a result of something like the K1, Apple Qualcomm etc all up their game and ultimately we the consumers win.
    The proof of this latest design from Nvidia will be in actual usage.

    Roll on 2nd half of the year

  • donger

    This is madness.

    • BlazeHN