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OUYA loses one of its founders, proceeds to “next phase” of business


Back when it was just a wee Kickstarter, OUYA looked to have such a bright future. An Android console advertised to only be $99 at launch, with crazy developer support and plenty of apps to go along with it. It used Android and remained open, so you could do what you liked with it. But things weren’t all fun and games once it launched.

The lack of many exclusive games and a small catalog in general at launch put a lot of people off. The software was definitely not ready for release, as it had bugs and was missing features. And by the time it launched, the Tegra 3 processor inside was already outdated. But that didn’t stop the company from working on the OUYA and actively making it better with software updates, while the developers created more games and apps for the little console.

But it looks like more trouble is coming to the OUYA. One of the founders, and the vice president of product development, Muffi Ghadiali has left the company without stating any reason. And while it could be said that a founder leaving is a big red flag, the company seems to know what it’s doing.

OUYA is focusing more on the next phase of the business and product development. We’ve made some recent changes including the departure of Muffi Ghadiali who was invaluable during the launch of OUYA. As is to be expected, OUYA is an ever-changing business, and as we continue to grow our needs shift accordingly.OUYA

If there is a “next phase” to what OUYA is doing, I’m excited to see it happen. The OUYA was a good concept and has a lot of potential, especially in a home theater setup. Plus, with emulators, it has plenty of games to play. I’m looking forward to OUYA fighting its way up, are you?

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  • phineas

    Muffi Ghadiali has developed products for both HP and Amazon. The kindle being one such device. He left those companies also. This isn’t news. If anything, he could very well be blamed for Ouya’s early issues since he was the lead developer. If this is the case, him leaving is a good thing.

  • SGB101

    What ever happened to the bluestacks box?

    • donger

      good question.