Jan 06 AT 7:43 PM Dima Aryeh 2 Comments

Pebble to launch smartwatch app store by end of month


The Pebble smartwatch has gained popularity very fast. With this rapid growth, the developers have decided to create an app store to congregate all of the great developments that have been made for the device. This new app store will offer over 6,000 apps that developers have already submitted. And, it should launch by the end of the month.

There will now be one place to get all your apps and a better API library, so development for the Pebble should grow even further. And with people drooling over the Pebble Steel, there will probably be a big spike in sales.

Pebble’s future is looking bright. The new Pebble Steel finally provides a look that’s right up my alley; now I find myself wanting one more and more. Plus, the Pebble version 2.0 update should be out by the end of the month, too. That’s a lot of cool new stuff available for users. Are you excited?

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