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Photos of Nokia’s Android-based UI leaked

Nokia UI

We’ve been hearing rumors of an Android-powered Nokia device for quite a while. The Normandy would have been a Lumia-esque device with Android instead of Windows Phone, which would be a dream come true for many fans of Nokia. But after Microsoft purchased the company, the release of this device is very unlikely.

However, photos of what the UI would have looked like on Android have leaked, and I’m not sure what to think of it. It’s Android transformed into a mix of Windows Phone and one of the many operating systems Nokia has used on devices in the past. It definitely looks nothing like stock Android, so I can only imagine how little fans of AOSP approve.

While we do get a quick look at what could have been, the Normandy will probably never see the light of day. It saddens me a little because Nokia makes wonderful hardware, and I would have loved to see Android running on these devices. Would you like an Android-powered Nokia Lumia device? Tell us in the comments!

Source: @evleaks

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  • Salman

    This will be kill all other smart phones.

  • Jerry

    No Android no Nokia – I will only buy Nokia if they have android os

  • Christian

    It would be really nice. It’s a pity Nokia is using WP — not wanting to be “another manufacturer using Android”, they’re now the manufacturer selling phones that nobody uses and no one wants. Oh, wait, seem like the Asha lineup (ie, Symbian) is actually selling well. But isn’t the Normandy supposed to replace the defunct Symbian?

    • taslim

      Nope. As far as I know, the Symbian and Meego platforms have been completely closed down, and no more devices will be released with them as the OS. OVI Store no longer allows the any addition of apps anymore.

    • Jason

      Actually millions of people want Windows Phones, evidenced by the consistent growth in global market share year over year.
      Some markets such as Italy and EU5 Windows Phone has over 10%. I think, sadly, due to Windows Phones struggles in North America, people don’t realize that the platform has been growing consistently in popularity and some markets it even surpasses Apple. It must be remembered that this is a global market, and there are only about 10 percentage points separating iOS and Windows and according to recent Kantar reports iOS’s global market share is consistently shrinking while Windows Phone and Androids are growing. So to say, no one wants Windows Phone is well offbase, though there is still much work for Microsoft to do continue to maintain and accelerate growth.


      • Christian

        Fair enough. So, “in some markets”, WP has 10% usage. Even then, it means that Nokia, that once had, what, 80% of the global market?, now has 10% (assuming all of the WP devices came from Nokia, that is). I’ll guess they’d be better now if they were just that “another Android manufacturer” they avoided.

        • Jason

          Actually it must be remembered Nokia is not only distributing Windows Phones devices but they also have thier Asha line which is very popular on the low end. So thigh 10% may account for Nokia’s Window’s Phone presence in some markets, 10% does not reflect NOKIA’s presence, which when accounting for Nokia’s Windows Phone and Asha’s line Nokia has a stronger presence in the market than thier growing Windows Phone presence would reflect.

          Who knows what Nokia would have done with Android. Would they have succeed or been greatly overshadowed by Samsung like most other OEMs who don’t have Samsung’s resources and ability to produce at such a huge scale, and across so many price points and form factors and such a rapid pace. Or have the resources to throw “experimental” products into the market simply to draw attention or to say “we did it first” like Samsung can do. Nokia may have survived as another Android OEM, but the fate of so many other OEM’s and thier current struggles don’t paint an optimistic picture.

  • BlazeHN

    I was a die hard huge fan of Nokia before, now when I hear Nokia its like hearing Blackberry to me, like those brands/products that you really dont care about and would never buy. This could change things, but Nokia its soooo married with Microsoft now (they even own it) that I doubt this could happen. Still there is some hope… Nokia hardware is killer.

  • GE918

    If Nokia had adopted Android OS early on they would be where Samsung is now.

  • Christopher Barnes

    It is not too late for Nokia to adopt Android. Windows is dead, Linux and Open Source has taken over the world, I have converted all my customers to Linux, it has not been that difficult, people do not care about what OS, as long as it runs smoothly and does the job that the end user wants. The march of Linux continues. The more competition in the Android/Linux space is good for all, including the manufacturers and users. It is an exciting time.

  • kendo

    if you think about this It could still happen…Microsoft does get a kick back from every Android phone that is made and now they own the company***double dipping if you think about it?

    • crazyemon3y

      From what I found, Microsoft only gets the kick back from HTC, so while an interesting idea, it would not work.

  • punit

    Yeah! If Nokia gets android as their default os, who knows they might surpass Samsung and even googles nexus for that matter. Their hardware is amazig specially their cameras!!! I hope they just do well.for tech videos go to

  • Amurt

    If Nokia launches Android Os Phones then again Nokia era will start and again they may hold 90% of shares like few years before.

  • Red

    Yeah definitely! I am a Nokia fan since Nokia 5110 days and I would definitely buy a new Nokia phone if it’s running Android on it…

  • donger

    Missed my N900.