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Resonance charging is exactly what wireless charging needs, and it’s coming to the Qi standard

Resonance charging

Wireless charging may be awesome, and it’s probably how charging will be in the future, but it has some issues. This has to do with Qi, the current wireless charging standard. Positioning your device on the inductive coil is often difficult, as most devices won’t automatically center on the coil (unlike Palm devices on the Touchstone). Sometimes, it takes some positioning to get your device charging. Not only is this an annoyance, but it can result in a dead device the next morning.

However, resonance charging fixes this issue with the ability to charge the device from up to 18 millimeters away. It even works through obstructions, like thick cases. This means that there is no fancy positioning involved, and your device will simply charge when it’s near your charging pad.

Now many of you might be disappointed, because you have already adopted Qi and don’t want to buy new devices altogether to get charging working with this new system. But fear not, the people behind this demonstration say that it’s backwards compatible with older Qi devices. You’ll only need a new charging pad that has resonance charging.

The technology isn’t quite ready for the market yet. At the demonstration, the wireless charging pad shown off had 65% the efficiency of current Qi chargers. However, it’ll be greatly improved over this prototype once it hits the market. There is no expected date when the technology will be ready for consumers, but it should be soon. Finally, wireless charging really seems to be going in the right direction.

Source: Engadget

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  • Nigel

    Right so when can I lay on a bed and be infused with energy? Stop eating and just vitamins?


  • Billy

    The TYLT Vu works great. I don’t worry about lining anything up. The phone can be portrait, landscape, or any other direction and it just works. I can also use the phone while its on the charger.

    I am always for seeing advancement .. but not all Qi chargers are so picky.

  • John Perzow

    Great article, but one misconception: The Qi resonant charger discussed and pictured here is achieving 65% overall efficiency (not 65% as good as previous chargers). Close-coupled Qi chargers achieve ~70-75%. So this resonant charger is close to the best Qi chargers on the market today, which are close to the best wired chargers you get with your cell phone today. This resonant charger has met the goal of charging at a distance with high efficiency and backward compatibility–it’s way ready for prime-time!

  • kuddus

    I think in the near future we don’t need to be positioned our Smartphones on the inductive coil.

  • donger

    Very cool.

  • inb4tehlulz

    The real question is, When? I remember plenty of things that show up at tech shows and have just a “Later this year” delivery date, then end up never showing up. I’ll believe it when I can buy it.