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Rumor: HTC M8 to launch as the HTC One with dual-sensor rear camera


New details regarding the upcoming HTC One successor from “a person with direct knowledge of the plans” claim that HTC’s new flagship Android phone will be equipped with “Qualcomm Inc.’s later Snapdragon processor.” The source goes on to suggest that the device will also feature a display that’s five inches or larger and an improved UltraPixel rear camera with dual sensors that will offer “better focus, depth of field and image quality.” That concept doesn’t seem too far-fetched following a previous rumor that claimed that the HTC M8 would have two separate camera lenses. It also fits in nicely with leaked images of the HTC M8 that show a second hole on the back of the phone, which could be the location of the second sensor and camera lens.

According to Bloomberg‘s source, the HTC M8 is scheduled for release at the end of March and will simply be named the HTC One with no additional letters, numbers or symbols. The late March release window mentioned in the report is likely referring to the timeframe in which the 2014 HTC One’s will be available at retail, not when the device will be unveiled by HTC.

Would you rather have a 2014 HTC One with a dual-sensor rear camera or a single camera sensor and a fingerprint scanner?

Source: Bloomberg

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  • Neville Hayfield

    Dual camera. The camera’s wicked on the One so it can only make it the beez kneez with the camera specs bumped up. As

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Is it just me or is it going to cause confusion naming it the same? We live in a world with lots of us (myself included) looking for the newest, best, coolest device. Well, maybe not that many people, but with people who don’t follow blogs like the readers here, I feel like this will cause confusion.

    Even Apple’s iPhones that almost look identical have a differentiation in naming. People might not know what features the 5s has but not on the 5, but know which one is newer, and for some, that’s all they need when making a purchasing decision.

    • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

      That being said, if it’s a little more than 4 MP (I feel like for indoor shots 4 MP is fine but for outdoor I would like a few more pixels, at least 8) on the UltraPixel camera I would be so down. I don’t need 13, 16, or 20.7 MP cameras on my phone, 8-10 with large sensors for good lowlight performance (like the current UP camera on the One) is what I want.

    • Droid Sam

      Yes and no. The automotive industry seems to do well and their products carry the same name from year to year. As long as people know there is a new HTC One every year, it’ll be fine.

      • X3r0

        Right, did you try searching one the largest resell website for the HTC one. You need to search HTC ONE M7 otherwise you get all of them. Maybe that’s how HTC is trying to stay on top of it, make it hard to find on eBay.. Then again, who would buy a phone you can’t sell in a year because you can’t find it.

        • xuforia

          Apple has always kept the name “Macbook Pro” or “Macbook Air”. People always find what they want by adding the year it was released. For e.g. Macbook Pro retina 15 2013.. Same happened with Google Nexus 7. People name it Nexus 7 2013 or Nexus 7 2.. which I personally think is a bit crap but if manufacturer’s choose to keep the name then there’s nothing we can do.

      • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

        That is true, but they’re all advertised as the year model with their name.

        “The all new 2014 ____ _____!!!” I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how HTC handles this.

  • Neville Hayfield

    As for fingerprint scanner. A not needed gimmick

  • David

    “Qualcomm’s later processor … ” Hmm … is that the 800 or the 805? It’s tease-a-day time from HTC. In a couple of weeks, we’ll know for sure.

    • Ianto

      Well the 805 isn’t suppose to release until May or June and that’s according to Qualcomm so it seems to me unlikely that it would be the 805 given the phone is suppose to release in March.

      • ikke

        Scores of leaked benchmarks are way too high for the snapdragon 800 to set so it just has to be equipped with the snap 805, no doubt. Release is still 1st half of 2014 en certainly not june….

    • informer

      From various rumors
      5 inch screen display, the home and back button will be on the screen like the LG G2 and nexus 5.
      4 ultra pixels (again)
      800 processor since 805 isn’t even going to be out when the phone is released.
      similar body just more curvy from the edges.
      Android 4.4.2 and sense 6
      Sense 6 is gonna look a little different from sense 5. They use a lot of black and white colors on it and icons like the phone, message, contacts are changing colors.
      Possibly a fingerprint scanner but those rumors died out so quickly. I can live without the scanner.

  • redraider133

    I feel like this would confuse lots of people unless they are going to stop selling the older htc one altogether.

  • informer

    One more thing, the name of the phone could possibly be HTC One+ You can’t just name devices the same except maybe the nexus 7 (2012) and (2013)

    • Vance

      That’s simply not true. Just because it’s rarely done, doesn’t mean you can’t do it. I’m perfectly happy saying a drive a 2012 F150 and carry a 2014 HTC One.

      Likely this will be the trend going forward as companies try to increase focus on ubiquitous brand recognition world wide as more and more competitors pop up.

      • X3r0

        Really hate when people compair this to cars.. It’s not, thousands of people don’t flock to ebay to buy 2012 Dodge chargers, they do however for phones.

        I hate my oOne be a use it so hard to get a fair price cause no one finds them cleanly and quickly. EBay search Smartphone and Tablets category Galaxy Note 3, then search HTC ONE. Tell me the first 10 listings for each.

        • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

          That’s that those Model, Carriers and Storage filters are for in the left column. Also, there are over 40,000 cars and trucks currently listed on eBay so I do think that people do use the site and find what they want even though the vehicles share the same name.

          From a marketing perspective, keeping the HTC One name makers sense. They have build brand recognition around the name which is highly regarded. All they care about is people asking “is that the new HTC One?” They don’t want people responding”no, it’s the HTC One Two+ XYZ.”

        • Vance

          The comparison to cars is fair and logical as both are commodities utilized daily by the majority of people. Get over it.

  • donger

    Can’t wait to see this in action.

  • Brandon

    damn i was hoping they figured out a way to get a subwoofer on that B it would have been so awesome i knew it wasnt going to happen but a guy can dream

  • rustic

    How about awesome mini version – with similar specs as Sony Z Compact?

  • ikke

    Still the Phone is not xalled the new One but One 2 cause it’s the succesor of the One and not an updated version, for the billionth time!

  • welcomezik

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  • mel

    At least 8mega ultrapixels, sdcard, 3000battery, 5inch screen… Missing one item above,i will not get the 2014 htc one.