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Update: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 KitKat update disables third-party accessories

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We have some bad news, folks. The official KitKat update recently went out to owners of the Galaxy Note 3 in some countries, and the update has brought with it a new “feature” from Samsung that just might lose it a lot of fans. With Android 4.4, Samsung finally enabled the long rumored “accessory authentication” system.

Those Note 3 owners with the update have noticed that third-party accessories, like Spigen’s S View cases, have ceased to work properly after installing the update. For accessories to function properly with the KitKat-powered Note 3, they need to have an identification chip from Samsung embedded in them.

There are a few solutions, like ripping the identification chip out of an official case and sticking it in an unofficial one, or even an Xposed module for the rooted devices. But why the hell should people modify their devices and accessories to use the cases they purchased with no warning that they will cease functioning?

Sadly, the accessory manufacturers will get a lot of hate for this, even though Samsung is behind it all. It looks like Samsung is adopting one of Apple’s most hated policies (I loved to brag about using any accessory I want with my Android device while iPhone owners have to buy specific ones). If Samsung makes this change widespread, I can say for certain that they will have lost this fanboy’s loyalty and money.

It’s a pretty terrible situation for everyone. Accessory makers will have to license identification chips and complicate their manufacturing process, consumers will have less choice in accessories and pay higher prices and Samsung will lose customers . No one wins. Give us your thoughts on the subject, and if you need to insult Samsung, be our guest.

Update: Samsung has responded to the issue at hand, and it’s… unhelpful.

To ensure a pleasant and smooth user experience with Samsung products for our customers, we recommend that only original accessories from Samsung to use. Of course, customers can continue to rely on third-party accessories. The full functionality of our devices and accessories, however, can only be ensured with genuine Samsung components, since only in this way it is ensured that equipment and accessories are perfectly matched. A correlation between the Android version 4.4 and the supposed incompatibility of third-party accessories does not exist.Samsung

So basically, third party cases suddenly stop working for everyone in a certain area as soon as they update to KitKat, and Samsung cases happen to have an identifier chip that, when taken out, allows third party cases to work again, but Samsung didn’t do it. It seems like a total lie, but this just might be a good thing. This may be Samsung going back on this decision, trying to deny it while it fixes the compatibility. Hopefully this will blow over soon.

Via: Android Police

Source: SamMobile

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  • BlazeHN

    Good thing there is Motorola/Google now to save us if Samsung goes scumbag.

    • Eliffio

      That’s exactly the same thing I was goint to say.

    • Chris

      Stay the hell away from Motorola. They’re phones are trash. I’ve been using them as replacement phones since the days of the razor, and every time I get one, I ALWAYS get let down. They are absolute trailer trash. Trust me, you will thank me later.

      • Josh

        Chris, I would agree with you. Back in the day yes Motorola sucked. Now they are owned by Google and guess what? I bet you will own one by the end of the year. You’ll thank me later ;-)

        • p1r4t3

          I used to own a motorola milestone1 and if I could change out the chip and put more ram in it, I would be using that instead of the note 3 im using now.
          My wife uses the milestone2 still and she loves it.
          From my own experience, these 2x models from motorola were awesome at the time of release.
          How long ago did motorola suck?

    • Kevin Cuffel

      Wish that were true. But it’s not.

  • Gregory

    hello i have a question does this mean that the rapoo mini bluetooth keyboard will not work after the update?

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      I have no concrete info, but I believe Bluetooth accessories like keyboards will work just fine.

  • Kurt

    Bad move by Samsung. The thing about Android is that any OEM can step up. Back in 2009 or so Samsung phones were garbage. They rose to the top. Well LG is making a similar move (from cheap low end phones to upper level flagship stuff). The last two Nexus devices are LG made and I haven’t heard a lot of complaints about build quality. Bad move Samsung, someone else can take the Android crown from you easily enough.

    • kazahani

      Yep. Happy GS4 owner here. Was thinking of upgrading to the GS5 but I don’t like this one bit. This shows me what direction Sammy is going in, and it’s not a direction I can follow. Looks like I’ll be sporting an LG or Moto device later this year.

      • kazahani

        Aaaaaaaaaand now Moto is owned by China.

        LG here I come!

    • Soarky

      samsung is planning on dumping Android in favour of their own Linux OS “ci”Tizen I think

      • p1r4t3

        Thats right, sammy’s going with tizen, but not yet… not until they are able to work out the best way of locking their users into their own ecosystem like apple does.
        Im going to buy the phone with the best money/power ratio (at the moment im using the note3), and then upgrade it with a custom firmware once my warranty is up.

        If lg, htc, or motorola had a phone with 3 gb of ram, removable battery, a stylus, and a slot for an sd, I probably would have bought one from them…. but they didn’t because they don’t do what the consumer wants.

        Moral of the story: sammy’s like apple, and the other manufacturers are stupid.

  • masimons

    Got the Samsung Note from Verizon, and Samsung Ativ 9+ too.
    Don’t have accessories, but blocking me from adding whatever I want will be considered next time I need to upgrade.
    Google gets some blame too by the way.

  • Ryan

    Does Samsung have to release the source code for this? I’m wondering if a software solution can circumvent this easily (ie: no root needed).

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Source code doesn’t have to be released for any software included on Android devices, just for the build and kernel.

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      Nope. Samsung does not have to release the source code for this. Have you ever seen the source code of TouchWiz?

  • Javier DLC

    Hey Samsung… Go Fuck YOURSELF!

  • Robert

    I use only Samsung accessories, because I know it will work. I am a Samsung fan.

  • BBT

    Samsung, are you becoming like the evil fruit that is Apple? I was considering a GS4 or a Note 3, but being a tyrant is not the answer. I will encourage my carrier to add more options unless Samsung decides to change its course.

  • reddragon72

    I heard about this 10 months ago and that was my main reason for going to LG.

    Of course once I got the LG Optimus G I loved it so it was a win win.

    Oh and I bet Europe is already preparing to sue Samsung VIA the consumer rights law thing they have. They win about 95% of the time with that.

    • Chris

      What if LG did the same thing? Would you switch to another phone?

      • Bummed

        Of course. My old Sidekick didn’t keep up with changes and their contacts management was proprietary. Next was a Windows phone so I could sync my contacts and calendar and later email. But they too were behind and didn’t add push email fast enough (has it ever been added?). Sidekick (via Dragon) had it. So, next was a Blackberry for the push email. By then Google was providing a sync for contacts and calendar. And since I had a Mac I had to use Google as the intermediary. Heaven forbid Mac and Blackberry sync directly. Now I have a Android (Samsung S3) and it’s great.

        Well that is until December when the OS upgrade has messed things up. I still get black or white screens on Browsers. Phone doesn’t notify for incoming calls and messages.

        LG is looking good.

        • p1r4t3

          Install cynogenmod 11 on your s3. That’s what I did. It runs great.

          I bought a note3 before I messed around with my s3 to be safe (I need a phone to work).
          With touchwizz gone and samsungs dumpware, my s3 flies.

          If you have a backup phone, take the plunge and install cynogenmod.
          Good luck.

  • Mark Schilling

    Bad move Samsung. If i wanted an Apple I’d buy an Apple. Looks like I will by pass the upcoming GS5 and look elsewhere.

  • jeffrey dorsey

    well,everybody else is nickle and dime-ing us,so why not samsung?

  • Dave

    Well… I have never used accessories on any of my previous Samsung phone or my current Note 2. Haven’t had the need to do it. But if Samsung continues down this path, I won’t hesitate on moving to Motorola or LG. I despise Apple for being such a namby-pamby/military-strict brand and now Samsung wants to do the same thing? You will loose thousands, if not millions, of loyal customers Sammy. Very bad move! Checkmate for you

  • Eddie

    Sammy has been making quite a few questionable decisions lately. Glad I went with a Nexus 5 instead of an S4.

    • Andreas Hosemann

      I love my nexus 5 you made an awesome choice Google nexus 5 rocks

  • Fiend

    I can’t believe people would still buy their cheap plastic, overpriced phones now, when there are so many viable alternatives. Man, fuck your shitty plastic and your useless pens, you can keep ‘em and draw yourself the fuck out of the Android world. We won’t miss you, we promise! :)

    • Lol

      You’re an idiot. Samsung sells 63% of Android devices. No Samsung, sales bottom out

    • Robert

      It looks to me that you never owned a Note 3 and that would be a good reason why you speak out of your butt.

  • Andreas Hosemann

    way to go Samsung I started buying Google nexus phones years ago and I couldn’t be happier don’t have to wait for updates love my lg Google nexus 5 and a Google nexus gives people what they want not like Samsung

    • Agret

      You realize the galaxy nexus was made by Samsung right?

      • Austin

        yeah, and it was the worst Nexus ever.

  • Lee Gedansky

    I’ve never liked the fact that Android users gout its openess, but you really only have Samsung as a choice if you want the most
    supported technology.

    • Lee Gedansky

      Sorry… Should say tout not gout. Thanks autocorrect!

      I loved my HTC Evo Shift, my Motorola Photon, and my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus. And, I love my LG G2. But, it seems if you don’t have the Samsung Galaxy S-Class or Note, you will wait forever for Android updates, have to live without some key cases and other products, and have limited access to rooting and ROM ing options. Now Samsung is making products that are, in my opinion, not as good as Motorola or LG, and they are trying to block the use of third party accessories?

      Everyone needs to stop blocking each other in court, through software limitations etc. And just make better products that speak for themselves.

  • Ted

    Wait, you’re pissed about a $7 case not working? And exactly how does a case not work? Seems pretty foolish to piss all over Samsung over a case not working. I’m no Samsung fanboy, but honestly my last two phones have been Motorola’s and I got the biggest and baddest, and well.. they suck. They’re buggy, they lock up, they require soft resets about once a week, and I don’t even do that much with my phone. My wife’s Note 3 and GS3 (or whatever it was called) were both rock solid and she’s always on her phone – it’s a super important tool for her. And she gets super pissed with technology doesn’t ‘just work’. So if there was anything wrong with either of those two handsets, I’d of heard about it up and down.

    I don’t exactly know how I feel about a company squeezing out competition by having an authenticated accessory feature. The slippery slope is obviously more expensive accessories, but come on… most 3rd party phone accessories are very poorly designed mass produced crap with zero quality control. For example a $25 phone case that cost 6¢ to make and get to US shores. And don’t tell me this is going to hurt American companies. People are still going to buy whatever they are going to buy, and there sure as hell aren’t any cell phone accessories getting manufactured in the US getting hurt by this. We don’t manufacture anymore :(

    But honestly after buying a $400 handset that could smash into a million pieces with one drop, I’m not going to buy the cheap case. I’m going to buy the one with the best features/protection that doesn’t make my phone look/feel like a cinderblock.

    I also have not seen anything yet about other devices/accessories being restricted. When my wife’s Note3 gets KitKat I can report back. But I think everyone could probably take it a down a notch on the blind hatred. I bet there isn’t one person on here who has a Note3, has KitKat yet and even knows if this is true yet.

    Either way, I don’t care so long as none of the Android builders start screwing around with the power cord ;)

    (I can’t believe I bothered to take the time to write this)

    • Ferrante071

      Yeah it’s truth, yesterday I bought my Note 3 and out of the box I received KitKat update. After that my third-party S view cover stop working FYI Build quality of my third-party S view cover is excellent with reasonable price 15€,compared to 60€ official Samsung S view cover.

      • Aaron

        Hey what case do you have?

    • Zach

      Maybe you should do a little research before you flame everybody. The cases they specifically mention are not cheap knockoff cases. They are premium cases that cost anywhere between $40-$100. And as for “how exactly does a case not work” they are talking about the sview type window in the case that used to trigger the window mode on the Note 3 showing information at a glance in the window in the front of the case, which has been confirmed on sites like XDA by multiple trusted sources no longer works. There are plenty of reasons to go with a Spigen Sview case over Samsung’s, such as more color and design options and they are very well made, I’ve never had one for a Note 3 but I can say this from personal experience from the one I had for my Nexus 4. Just saying, maybe next time do a little research before a 3 paragraph response to an article about a very real problem, Samsung outing accessories people have spent their hard earned money on without even a single word of warning to anyone.

    • William Armstrong

      No one should make a big deal about $7 cheap cases not working, my $60 Spigen slim armor view case not working is a big deal.

    • Ty

      Thats because you are not a power user. Its not just about the case not working. Its about 3rd party apps not working and not being able to access the SD card. Its about open source being restricted. Its the main reason so many of us do not use Apple products. Just because you spend more money on a case doesnt make it better….. The right case is the case that fits your particular use best regardless of price.The changes Samsung made were not necessary period and the update is horrible as it has very little if anything positive to offer.

  • Nurse Man

    samsung should listen to its customers plzzzzzzzzzzz am begging give us what we would like not saying that your current move is a bad one however its vital to invest our request into your plans once in a while

  • Xander J

    It looks like Apple has been getting away with it for so long, that Samsung is just following suit.

    I am not endorsing this by any means, I just picked up my Note 3 yesterday, so far, love the hardware, and I am looking forward to seeing the Gear 2, I always buy genuine Samsung accessories as I know they will either work or explode.

    It’s sad to see that companies are doing this more and more these days, sadly their losses will never outweigh their gains, and this is just a preview of things to come.

  • aranea

    As an Android fan I can’t believe I’m saying this but “Samsung stop copying apple!”. Why the hell would you do that to customers?

  • Ben

    This doesn’t particularly bother me. I will simply flash with Cyanogenmod 11 or something similar. I don’t use any of the Touchwiz pre-installed applications or utilize any of the features enough that not having them will affect me. I wish developers would come to the realization that if you place restrictions on technology, people will just move on to something else. If Samsung decide to integrate a hard block for 3rd party devices in future phones/tablets, I will migrate to another android device that doesn’t limit me.

    • p1r4t3

      The problem is that sammy is imposing on the consumer. While I am confident in flashing a custom recovery on my phone and flashing cm11 in it, others may not. Also if your warranty is still valid, after you flash its void. Even if the earphone jack stuff out before the warranty expires, sammy won’t fix it if it’s been flashed with a custom firmware.
      And thats a problem.

  • JJ

    hey if you can’t pay a $60 case for a $700.00 phone there is always Walmart so stop crying is like having a expensive car and using regular gasoline and put on uses tires.. get it right people!

    • Tangent

      So very very wrong…

      This is like having an expensive car and not being able to replace the factory Continental tires with Pirelli or Michelin. Not only are some of the cases that no longer work properly more expensive than Samsung’s, but they’re higher quality.

      More importantly, breaking the functionality simply because it’s not branded properly is pure Apple-style BS.

  • John in Brisbane

    This isn’t a smart move. Only Apple has the kind of brand loyalty that can cope with this type of stupidity. It clearly won’t affect plenty of people but among those it does, the delicate, nebulous thing that is brand loyalty could easily wither. Awesome android phones are everywhere now.

  • Bummed

    So let’s see… Windows has secrets, Apple has secrets, and now Samsung has secrets. I though Android was going to be like the radio — you know it’s ONE approach that works in EVERY country.

    I agree Google has to take some of the heat for this too.

  • Andy

    Bad move, really sucks . Samsung

  • Anita Thommes

    I have a new Note 3, I love it but I wouldn’t have bought any phone unless I could get the Otterbox Defender. Now I am worried about being able to protect my phone. I don’t like small girly phone cases because they are too hard to find in a purse or on my motorcycle trunk. I wonder if this is going to affect the otterboxes and worried about keeping the phone or not, which would be my grave loss of hundreds of dollars and a customer. Plus, if you can’t put a plastic cover on your phone, like the Otterbox case, you can’t also not put a cover to protect the glass. I don’t mind paying a reasonable price for a cover 50+ as long as I like the case and it is big, bulky, colorful and from what I have seen, Samsung cases don’t even come close.

  • Anita Thommes

    Does anyone know if this will affect Otterboxes?

    • SGB101

      That Will be fine. Only ‘smart’ cases are affected. Once that when closes, activate the windowing feature on the device.

  • Noblelox

    Don’t mind me, I’ll be just over here with my HTC One with a smug look on my face.

  • ChrisAre

    I purchased a Note 3 after my Evo 3D. I absolutely hate Touchwiz, and at this point will never purchase another Samsung phone again. This certainly doesn’t help things.

  • Sean Desmond

    The note3 is now my very last Samsung device / appliance.

  • Jeffer

    Well I guess Dennis Rodman did do some good in Korea. Now, not only is our Government controlling the American people but now the Korean Government!

  • Andreas Hosemann

    Samsung the big S stands for sucks

  • Jay

    I have been a die hard samsung fan. I have my company purchasing all samsung devices. This is a deal breaker for me. I have put a ton of money into extras some designed myself. I love samsung devices but I don’t like getting screwed. I can take my fortune 500 company else where just as fast…

  • renyo

    Samsung becoming the Apple of Android…

  • JI SUNG Park

    I think its time to turn to LG, while they are releasing a flexible screen and with there big G2, I think its time to put away SAMSUNG, I owned a samsung WAVE 2 in the past, there’s a lot of WAVE 2 owners will agree that it has just been a scrap phone with there BADA OS that there were no developer for it. Thanks to Mr Tigrouzen which ported Android 4.4 on Wave 2, which now the phone is really nice to use, but that its a big story, now Im using note 2 and everything was fine when, when I was using jellybean 4.1.2, when the day I updated to 4.3. The nightmare began, with the knox security, it’s impossible to swap your external to internal, and everything is limited access, I don’t know what to do now, I thing I will never buy samsung anymore, it’s time for LG phone, I think I will sell it. Trust me friends don’t buy this S5 or other kind of samsung phone if you’re gonna buy one. You’ll regret time has come to put Samsung down. Thanks

    • Soarky

      swap your external to your internal?

  • mike

    Thats why i totaly hate these slant eyed chinks koreans, nothing but crooks and thieves

    • Jay Roc

      Is it that serious that you have to throw out racism and derogatory diatribe? Grow up, it’s 2014.

  • Tangent

    This makes me glad I went with the HTC One, but I do have a Galaxy Tab 3 10.1. I’m gonna be pissed if the smart wake function of my Moko case stops working just because Samsung is being obnoxious…

  • Chuxter

    Tisk tisk! I hope this helps boost Motorola and other manufacturer’s sales.
    It no doubt will have some effect, but how much? That’s up to us all!
    Let’s ban together and refuse to support such nonsense!

  • donger

    HA HA.

  • Genghis Gerbil

    Hi Samsung

    Please don’t box us in like Apple.


  • Bernard Borg

    I am a note 3 owner, was previously an apple fan boy still am to a certain extent I withdrew my iPhone 4s for a note 2 because of screen realestate, I got a note 3 a month ago , sview can be a deal breaker ? I currently have an
    Sview cover by Samsung it simply sucks, it does everything except protect ur phone! It’s flimsy, and feals cheap but it’s price tag isn’t was going for a spiegen slim armor view but the latest revelation doesn’t add up. Let’s face it im currently served with my current os but not with my sview case guess no os up and go for a decent case. Samsung will revert I’m sure.

  • Bernard Borg

    This is a Samsung statement:)

    Statement on the use of third-party accessories
    To ensure a pleasant and smooth user experience with Samsung products for our customers, we recommend that only original accessories from Samsung be used. Of course, customers can continue to rely on third-party accessories. The full functionality of our devices and accessories, however, can only be ensured with genuine Samsung components, since only in this way it is ensured that equipment and accessories are perfectly matched. A correlation between the Android version 4.4 and the supposed incompatibility of third-party accessories does not exist.

  • jim

    How can Samsung “sell out” They already out sell the i-phone. The initial cost outlay for a Samsung device is high enough, so why should we, as the consumer be Forced like sheep to only purchase registered accessories? This will put many small accessory manufactures out of business & drive the loyal Samsung-ITE far away into the clutches of other market competitors. Are Samsung really that complacent with their position in the market?? Apple fell into that trap until Samsung kicked their ass. Now someone will be kicking Samsung’s ass!!!

  • BillyBoB

    I am a Samsung fanboy, with that said I have a Note III/3 And the wife had a S4, I have had a Samsung device since the first Galaxy S Captivate, I owned 1 HTC and hated it, I enjoy Touchwiz, But just recently I bought a LG G PRO for my wife because of the 5.5″ screen, my wife’s eyes are going, and she did have the Spigen S-View case for the S4 and it was very well made, back to the LG, I purchased it because of the price, {free} and sold the S4,i always setup my wife’s devices when she upgrades and LG has come a long way, I enjoyed setting it up and still play with it off and on, the wife very much enjoys it as well, it has all the extras on it as my Note III, LG runs very smooth and the processor is awesomely fast, what I’m saying in a round about way is if Samsung continues with their stupidity I will not hesitate to swap over to LG devices, they are well built and software is Awesome, I buy all aftermarket accessories for all 5 of my devices, I know 5 devices are just a drop in the bucket to Samsung, But if we all stick together I believe we can change Samsungs mind, now I will have the opertunity to upgrade to 4.4.2 kitkat within the month, or soon after, but I will wait to see if it is true before I upgrade my Note III/3,Now I purchase aftermarket batteries for all of my devices so we don’t have to plug-in to a charging cord, we just swap out the batteries when they go dead, that is so much easier than sitting waiting on a charging cord to give me a little juice to get me to the next stop, and if they make it where I cannot use my aftermarket batteries it will be, time to convert all my devices over to LG, sorry Samsung but you are doing it to yourself….

  • Paul Atreides

    Samsung isn’t really bad at listening to consumers like HTC. Hopefully this outcry will be big enough and they’ll issue an update to remove this.They really want to go in this direction but are probably just testing the waters at this point. If OEM’s offered a wider range of accessories at different prices I don’t think this would be so bad. I get anxiety using some third party accessories because they are known to damage devices in a lot of different instances.

  • Rick

    I believe they are just talking about the flip case – the one with the front cover to protect the screen. Big deal. And you know this is coming from all the knock-offs from our friends in China. Can you blame Samsung? The knock-offs are made to look real down to the hologram on the box cover. A cheap, non flap case or any other case will be fine. Loosen up your pantie – everything is just fine and there’s a reason why we buy Samsung… It’s really a great phone.

  • dirk

    Yeeeaaaahhh… bizarre move. I am looking at upgrading this year, and I was planning on another Samsung, but thats out the window now. No freakign way im buying a Samsung now. Ill go to HTC I guess.

  • Liran

    I had the galaxy s, s2, s4, note2 and now note 3 foe me and for my family, but if Samsung will go this way with us then it will be the time to move on to a more freedom giving company.
    First the rediculouse region lock and now this ?
    Before it will be to late, because customers loyalty worths 1000 times more then the pennies you’ll make with these rediculouse restrictions. And once you loose our loyalty it will be hard for you to gain it back.

  • Liran

    I had the galaxy s, s2, s4, note2 and now note 3 foe me and for my family, but if Samsung will go this way with us then it will be the time to move on to a more freedom giving company.
    First the rediculouse region lock and now this ?
    Before it will be to late, because customers loyalty worths 1000 times more then the pennies you’ll make with these rediculouse restrictions. And once you loose our loyalty it will be difficult for you to gain it back.

  • Ben Lutgens

    Yeah, if samsung starts doing the “Only Officially Authorized Accessories” I’m out. I’m on my 4th or 5th samsung phone and though I’m not a big user or purchaser of 3d party accessories, I’ll bail just on principle. Not cool Samsung, not cool at all.

  • SimT

    I really ‘liked’ my Samsung, the 4th Samsung I have owned….but now….well I hope Nokia really are making an Android phone as the rumours suggest..thst will be my new phone now…STUPID SAMSUNG…..

  • Howard Bales

    Dear Samsung,

    I will not support your products in the future if you block 3rd party acessories. There are too few products available for Note 3 s now and the threat of your actions may be the cause. There are many other companies that have not tried this tactic and I will support them. Voting with my dollars.

  • Jay Roc

    So, let me get this straight. People are irritated because Samsung chooses to lock down a feature THEY came up with? This is just good business practice to me. If the feature on the phone (which is solely for convenience and in no way affects function) is ideally suited to the case the same company manufactures, why not capitalize? I love my Note 3 and have never been pressed to use S-view. The traditional, picking up the phone to see message count or to answer a call works just fine. Stop whining. If you don’t like the move, then move along. No one cares to hear idle threats.

    • Soarky

      samsung didn’t invent the “carrying case” or the way your device wakes up when you open your case or wireless charging but it seems as thought they want to force you to buy their products only and nothing else. What next?, samsung makes everyone buy a samsung refrigerator or something else they make and you get no FREEDOM to choose…. o.k. good business when you are ONLY allowed to buy samsung-approved ‘whatever’ items or nothing

  • kevin

    I love Samsung products and my note 3. But this will force me to Google nexus

  • Karl

    I bought the Samsung wireless charging S-view cover and don’t regret it one bit!

  • Soarky

    first I read how samsung plans making their own Android OS(Linux) called ci”Tizen” now they want to tell people what accessories they are allowed purchase? What’s samsung trying to do monopolise the smartphone market by taking away our Freedom of Choice? Reading their online help for their stuff they keep repeating to “only use samsung-approved accessories” I guess soon ever home will have samsung appliances, entertainment centers etc. and every home will be a “samsung” home unless you tell then NO!!!

    • Soarky

      I hope the Android market will make an app (root?) that tells samsung they will not take away our FREEDOM!!! and disable that b.s. stopping consumers from using non-samsung merchandise with samsung products already owned. I could probably keep writing but there might be too much to read =)

  • david

    This why I hate apple, if this does go threw, I’m out some money I paid for my case. Good thing I’m on a jump program, I will go with another maker not Apple or Samsung.. it’s sad that now Samsung got the edge on Apple they do something so stupid. Book two thumbs down

  • sean

    I will go to HTC or Motorola if they don’t fix it here in The States … I have 5 Samsung phones. And a Samsung TV I can’t stand apple for that reason

  • Charles

    f*ck samsung! They destroyed my Note II. I can not upgrade to newer ROMS other than JB 4.1.2. If I do, phone will not have signal and IMEI will get corrupt. Tried all possible solutions with no luck. I can use CM or Omni 4.4 though but f*ck samsung! I am starting to hate them, actually I already do!!! I am switching back to HTC or Motorola and other brands and samsung is definitely out of the list!!!

  • Mikeys Note 3

    Samsung was trash a short time ago. I have now owned the Notes 1 2 and 3 and like them but I want something new, also tired of the size of this although I love the screen when watching a video. If only AT&T AND all other carriers would allow you to use multiple sims in your different phones so you did not have to remove the sim everytime you want to use a certain phone that day, I mean phone have become like bling and certain days we want to use different bling. I have my LG or my HTC one…. also when I do change the sim I get a message from att that more or less says they will shut my service off for not using the right phone that is listed….say what, if they look on my account they can clearly see I bought and own many phones through their company. when I called them they say its ok to use any of my phones but I would have to call them each time I change to a different phone and give them the IME that I will be using…BS So why not allow us the have a sim for each phone and maybe just making it to where only the one that is turned on will work, meaning all the phones wont work at one time, I know that is what a family plan is but Im not going that route due to Im already paying $120.00 a month for unlimited everything….sh it happens….fruit for thought…

    • GE918

      I don’t have that problem with T-Mobile. I switch back and forth between 3 phone.

  • Gene

    *patting my Nexus 5*
    If notifications about the phone being region-locked wasn’t enough, this definitely makes up 4 months of agony with overseas shippers.

  • Dave

    The note 2 will be my last samsung phone… Stupid samsung dickheads. If i wanted apple style b/s i would go with apple.- not apple lite.

  • GE918

    Well if it means not being able to use a certain case for my Note 3, or going to a phone without a removable battery or not having a memory card slot, I’ll have to find another case. Its just that simple.

    Samsung isn’t the first manufacture to follow Apple on something, they all do.

  • Anuj Patel

    I use to really like Samsung now lets see why I really don’t like them:
    Locked bootloaders
    Knox security
    Plastic phone build
    100′s of “Galaxy” devices…. way too many!
    Touchwiz!! Makes your Android phone so slow and comes with so many useless apps/features!
    You can only use “Samsung” accessories.

    I think it’s time to move onto a new phone manufacture that actually understands their buyers!

  • henry

    Knox flag warranty, and it is now excluding third party accessories.
    Good bye Samsung, i will never own another Samsung product. Wake up, Samsung.

  • Samsung customer since 15 years

    Samsung is bigger than the price of some covers, what is a shame.

  • Rene Jr. – Owner of Spigen Slim Armor View for SGN03

    The home button of my Spigen Slim Armor View Case of my SGN03 was disabled after Kitkat update….Samsung please update your kitkat to check this…If not then I may consider buying other phones in the future….

  • asif

    KIT KAT Update SUCKS!!! battery is draining 3 times faster now

  • kingkong

    MY WIFI on SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 3 always disconnected now since update KIT KAT



    please give me back my old system…

  • FlyingColonel

    I have a Spigen case which fails on Kitkat and I avoid Apple precisely because of stuff like this. Very disappointed in Samsung for this stunt. If it’s not corrected, this is the first (ex BB) and last Samsung phone I buy. Might take a while, but long term pain will surely take care of a bad actor like this.

  • TT

    Samsung, if you don’t start to concern about what your customer needs rather than trying to only think about your profit to the point that you think you can control your customer spending, I am sorry to tell you, it’s not only the matter of how good your products are but more importantly to my family as your customers is how you treating us. DO NOT treat your customers as Apple did. We do not purchase anything from them at all. I really hate to see your company blindly heading to self destruction.

  • Riel LaFontaine

    So, my wife and I both have Note 3′s. I had purchased a Spigen S-View case which worked fine prior to the Kitkat update. After the update the case became a case with an annoying window on the front.

    The Wife wasn’t quite as excited about the update as I was and kept putting off the update. I put the Spigen case on her phone and it worked fine. She updated and the case stopped working.

    That being said, Samsung, would you like to stick to the following or change your story, “A correlation between the Android version 4.4 and the supposed incompatibility of third-party accessories does not exist.”

    If I would have known that the case would have stopped working I wouldn’t have paid 50 bucks for it. If they’re going to start with this garbage, then maybe it’s time to move the market share up for Google and Windows phones.

  • Jitty

    Is anybody else having problems with Dolphin Browser or the Facebook app? It seems that ever since the update, these have quit working properly. Dolphin Browser won’t let me attach pictures anymore and crashes constantly while Facebook constantly loses signal even though I am connected to WIFI in my house.

  • John Benak

    After a software update through the phone, the contacts has stopped working on my galaxy young GT- S5360 phone. Installing any other dialer don’t help because they are effected too. Can’t save contacts, can’t add contacts. I might not buy anymore samsung phones in the future because there is no support from them, can’t even reset the phone to it’s original factory settings because of this bad bad update firmware.
    So I think I might have to chuck my samsung phone and buy a nokia or htc that is more reliable. Unless they come out with a fix real quick samsung is history for me.

  • ivan

    My note2 and note3 are ruined by kitkat. Note2 by incompatibility with a lot of apps I used on jelly bean, and not being able to use external sd card (but at least phone still works). Note 3 is for now ruined completely, complete loss of network every now and then, bad signal overall. I’m using note 2, and note3 is in the box. Thank you samsung for knox, and making your great updates irreversible. You are not far away from your northern neighbours, geographically and business like. My next phone – LG…

  • Every human Evers opinion

    Thanks for being terrible. Did you actually think we enjoy prison Samsung? Because we don’t. I don’t like wasting money and going by purely your rules. Aka prison. At least buy me dinner before you fuck me