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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo reportedly poses for a photo with original Note 3


Earlier this week, some documents leaked out that claimed to offer information on an upcoming Samsung handset known as the Galaxy Note 3 Neo. The docs painted a picture of a device that’s a sort of mashup of the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 3, complete with the Note 2′s 5.5-inch display and 8-megapixel camera as well as the Note 3′s software features, like Advanced Multi-Window and Air Command. Now there’s some good news for the more visual among us, as a new photo of what may be the Note 3 Neo in the wild has leaked.

Posted to Twitter by @SamMobiles, the image you see above claims to show the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo hanging out in the wild next to its Note 3 sibling. While the regular Note 3 is just a hair bit bigger than the Note 3 Neo, that’s where the differences between the two end. Both handsets feature rounded corners, a rectangular shape and pill-like home button. In addition to posting this photo, SamMobile shared a bit more info on the Note 3 Neo’s specs, claiming that it features the model number SM-N750/5.

Now that we’ve gotten the specs of the Note 3 Neo and an image of the device to go along with ‘em, the only major details that we’re still missing relate to pricing and availability. Considering that it’s a fusion of the Note 2 and Note 3, I’d expect the Note 3 Neo to come in with a price tag that’s somewhere in the middle of what those two phones are currently going for, giving consumers a Note 3-like experience without the full-on Note 3 price tag. As for availability? That’s unclear for now, but with Mobile World Congress going down in just a month and a half, it may not be long before the Note 3 Neo is given a proper introduction.

Source: @SamMobiles

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  • رصابسنجیده

    این نوت 2 هست دقیقا مشابه اونه

    • yalla yalla

      Osama bin Laden was killed by Heckler & Koch HK416!!! (double tapped right into his face)
      I like the Galaxy Note 3 Neo.

  • Geovani

    When I saw the new note and tab announcements I was really excited. The new software looked pretty nice. After seeing the note neo I’m really hoping Samsung doesn’t decide to keep the traditional touch whiz UI on the note 3 and neo.

  • donger

    The differences is huge.