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Samsung Galaxy S5 slated to debut by April alongside new Galaxy Gear


Samsung has kept up a pretty consistent release cycle for its flagship smartphones in recent years, debuting new Galaxy S hardware in the spring followed by a new Galaxy Note in the fall. It looks like 2014 won’t be any different; a Samsung executive has confirmed that the Galaxy S5 is slated to debut in the coming months.

Lee Young Hee has told Bloomberg that Samsung is planning to introduce its new Galaxy S5 around the same March or April timeframe. Lee, who is Samsung’s EVP for mobile, said that her company is also planning to introduce an updated version of its Galaxy Gear smartwatch at the same time as the Galaxy S5. The new Galaxy Gear will include a less bulky design, Lee said, as well as “more advanced functions” that include a calorie counter and heart rate monitor.

What about the Galaxy S5, you ask? Lee was a bit more tight-lipped about that device, but she did say that it will likely be different from its predecessors in terms of its screen size and design. The exec explained that consumers didn’t have as strong a reaction to the Galaxy S 4 as with previous models because they couldn’t feel much of a physical difference between it and the Galaxy S III. “For the S5, we will go back to the basics. Mostly, it’s about the display and the feel of the cover,” Lee said. She went on to say that Samsung is “studying the possibility” of iris recognition tech but wouldn’t say whether or not the feature will be included with the Galaxy S5.

Finally, Lee touched a bit on the next Samsung Galaxy Note. The new model in Samsung’s flagship phablet family will debut in the latter half of 2014 and will target the high-end market and consumers that want a “professional use” device. The rumor mill has suggested that the next Note could feature a three-sided wraparound display that will enable users to read content at an angle.

So that’s a broad picture of what Samsung’s 2014 is expected to look like. Overall there’s nothing terribly surprising in Lee’s statements, but it is interesting to hear that Samsung is planning an updated design for the Galaxy S5 to help it better stand out from its predecessors. Exactly what that design will be is still a mystery, but we’ve seen several recent high-end Samsung products adopt a squared-off design with faux leather backsides, so that’s certainly one look that the next Galaxy S could adopt.

If you were in charge of designing the look and feel of Galaxy S5, what features would you include?

Source: Bloomberg

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  • jerrbomb

    I don’t knock the way the back cover feels on the note 3.. i love it.. But they need to come up with a more premium feel with the actual body and not just the back cover.. I love Samsung.. And I love their products.. But they not only need to rethink design for the Galaxy S4 but it’s feel as well..

    • Richard Yarrell

      Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy products period.

      There is a reason why SAMSUNG enters 2014 with 63%market share of the entire android platform while Lg sits at 7% and rest BELOW 5%.

      Nothing on the market today tops or compares to the Galaxy Note devices end of story.

      Expect Samsung to approach over 75%market share of the entire android platform by the end of 2014.

      Plain and simple nothing else matters period.

      • jerrbomb

        Dude yur like a broken record.. And unfortunately we have to hear yu every single time.. Go to another site where they can deal with yu.. And try that same old song on them… I wish I had the power to remove you.. Because we have had to deal with yu forever..

      • Orion78

        LOL what the hell do you know about market share? I’m not anti Samsung but I’m damn proud not to be a sheep like you. I have the mental capacity to like other products. If Samsung made a toilet, you would say it’s the most ”pimp smacking” toilet ever. Nothing beats that toilet period. You are absolutely worse than isheep fans…….really.

        • jerrbomb

          And that’s pretty sad because iSheep are pretty bad.. Lol.. He is like the biggest wanna be fan that everyone disowned but cant get rid of.. I have Samsung products.. But I’m not obsessed like that and on top of that he doesn’t know what he is talking about.. It’s the same ole song on repeat from him that just won’t turn off..

          • redraider133

            He was the same way with HTC with the EVO line while he was on sprint and said every other network never compared, then switched to verizon and the galaxy nexus and claimed the same thing, now he is on TMO and says the others suck, yet he used to bash tmo and call them “tween mobile” I thought the die hard iPhone users were bad, but he is head and shoulders above them in terms of pure fanboyism. I like samsung products, but can also realize when they need to change and when others make a better product. We all know you love samsung, but for being an android user and supposedly loving choice, you sure do bash everything and anything android that isn’t samsung. At least bash apple, or WP lol

        • androidude

          Hahaha orion78 that’s too funny but I agree with Richard, majority of phones sold running android are Samsung phones but they waste money on phones like the galaxy golden

      • redraider133

        There is also a reason they are releasing the s5 so quickly after the s4. Yes samsung is dominating android, but their sales are slowing, and other manufacturers are beginning to steal some of samsung’s shine (htc with the one, and moto with the x)

        • jerrbomb

          He is just LAME!… And he needs to get the mute button put on him… ASAP!

          • donger


  • BlazeHN

    Ok, first they need to totally change their dreaded Touchwiz, a Galaxy S4 out of the box have like 75% of ram consumed from it (and Android) of the 2GB (not exagerating) and like 60% of storage of a 16GB model, actually no more 16GB Model, even 2012 HTC One X had 32GB, elaborated games this days takes around 2GB space so you can’t do a thing with like 7GB of user available space. No more S3 look, no more Glossy Plastic, stop beefing up MP of camera instead of improving the quality of the pictures it takes, you can still give gimmick features because even if we don’t use them, people who dont know about tech are lured by them and that’s good for Sammy, a more premium body with customization options, water resistant like Sony phones would be nice, 64 bit processor, and the usual hardware upgrades. I would LOVE to get a S-Pen on the Galaxy S5 (why not). Then I will keep buying Galaxy as I have did since the Galaxy 1.

  • redraider133

    I am interested to see what they unveil especially with how the s4 did not meet expectations in terms of sales that they wanted. It will show if samsung saw where they were slacking behind and improved upon it (design, touchwiz) I also am interested to see how they improve the gear. They are usually pretty good the second time around with devices. Should be an interesting next few months.

  • Cookie

    I just wish they stop with the ‘the bigger, the better” motto, use less physical buttons, add some curve or flexible display, CAMERA BUTTON!!

    • Luke

      How would you have less physical buttons yet add a camera button? I do love the hidden menu and return buttons on the S4, perhaps use similar heat sensors with applicable markings on the side of the phone to replace the side buttons? This would be especially nice when I mount it on my windshield. Also, wireless charging/data transfer would be nice at home and in the car.

  • alpharayz

    Use metal or a high quality poly carbonate material for the case.

  • Bijaya

    That my suggestion is to include liris scanner and also include remote control like sgs4

    • Bikash

      That my suggestion is to include liris scanner and also include remote control like sgs4 and take the concept designed by hasan mayak’s

  • Drake

    I really hope this new Gear is a huge improvement, given the massive disappointment of their first product http://smartwatchforiphone.com/2013/12/31/samsung-galaxy-gear-2-galaxy-and-band-rumors/

  • sean

    I have a nexus5 and prefer that to metal any day of the week. Metal is cold and uncomfortable period.